Love, a Former Bookworm

In the past year I’ve felt less and less bookish than I used to. A few years ago I took so much comfort in books – in being around books, looking at books, holding books, buying books, reading books – and I was a huge part of who I felt I was. I was a book person and I loved it. But then I grew really disenchanted with books, and I couldn’t figure out why. I even purged my small personal library down to around 60 books, which was really tough at first, but has become almost a ritual cleansing for me now. (It’s linked to my de-clutter the apartment want, I think.)

Last week I came to the realization that my taste in books has changed dramatically in the past year. I think part of the reason why I’ve been having such a tough time reading lately is because the books that I own and haven’t read all are Young Adult of various sub-genres, and I think I have grown out of them. (And I know that anyone can read any book, I’m just saying that YA isn’t for me anymore.) This is a problem because 99% of the unread books on my shelf are YA. (I guess that also contributes to the no-reading thing.)

The realization has been a long time coming, and I’m glad it finally clicked. I was in Indigo last week with Dylan and all of the books I looked at were non-fiction, with the exception of a small few, and those I just kinda shrugged at and moved on. (Except for a beautiful copy of Roverandom by Tolkien – I drooled over that for a few minutes.) I’ve realized that I’m really into history non-fiction, especially ones like Guns, Germs and Steel and I’m really excited about it! I’ve really missed books, and I’m so looking forward to the potential to get back into reading them.