Vibrancy in Spring

Today Dylan and I presented our proposal for the Vibrant Communities Design Competition and I am both so relieved to have most of this competition behind me and sad that it’s almost over – I had a lot of fun, even though it was so much work to create a pretty rendering and to do the proposal itself. The public presentation is next week and that is when we’ll find out the winners as well. I think I’m going to be more nervous for that than I was today!

I was pretty…well nervous isn’t the right word, but discontent…before hand. I think part of my problem is we were downtown three hours early – Dylan didn’t want to go home after class in case the buses screwed us over, and I decided to join him. If I had stayed home I think I would have been much better off – I would have been relaxed, that’s for sure. But I also wouldn’t have been able to sample the David’s Tea Peppermint tea, which was delicious, and is definitely going to be my new peppermint loose leaf tea. Yum.

I also saw a good friend of mine (who happens to work at Urban Systems, where the presentation was) so that was nice to have a quick chat. I also found MY WEDDING SHOES. I am so happy with them. They are my “Robin Scherbatsky Shoes” now. They’re going to take some breaking in and I’m a liiiiiitle nervous they might give me blisters but I lurve them.


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