A Lazy Day

Yesterday, Dylan and I had a lazy day together where we watched movies all day. It has been a really long time since we’ve just sat and enjoyed each others company without our computers, video games, school or other projects to distract us. And finals are definitely starting to loom, but they’re far enough away (or at least, they feel like it) that I could ignore that feeling and just enjoy the day.

I have had quite a few “lazy days” this past week for reasons I hope I can divulge later on, but this one was actually recharging, instead of draining. It was most definitely thanks to the company I kept, and has been so great for my mental health. I feel very energized today, and today was the first day all week that I woke up before Dylan (which is usually the norm) and actually felt recharged. Taking that day off, where neither of us had anything that we had to do was just perfect.

(It was even better than last Saturday, when we spent the morning eating pancakes and watching episodes of Pokemon: Indigo League – picture below.)

I also finally managed to get through the pile of dishes that was looming over us, which just feels nice. There is something about a clean house (even if it’s one section of a clean house) that makes me feel healthier.


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