REVIEW | LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

In my last post I mentioned the Big Blue Bath Bomb I purchased from LUSH, and how eager I was to test it out. So eager that I tested it out less than a week after I bought it, only to be sorely disappointed.

Blue Bliss Bath bomb

Take a dip into the deep blue sea of our Big Blue Bath Bomb for an inspiring getaway to the seashore. Lavender is instantly relaxing on the body and mind, and lemon oil helps to keep you afloat. For a truly authentic experience, we’ve added in some of nature’s finest ingredients – sea salt and seaweed. Packed with minerals, salt helps the body rid itself of toxins, while seaweed softens and soothes your skin. Just lay back and sail away to shores of uncluttered thoughts, softer skin and warm, blue seas. – LUSH website

The LUSH website claims that the bath bomb will “clear your mind with a relaxing seaweed soak” but for me, the seaweed was a distraction and annoyance, rather than relaxing. There was a lot more seaweed in the bath bomb than I expected – so much so that I was hesitant to even get into the tub, as I felt it might feel like I was going to be laying on little hard bits of seaweed. Luckily, I underestimated how much the water would soften the seaweed, though it was still an annoyance for me. I was too concerned with it getting stuck to the sides of the tub (or me) to really enjoy the bath, which I’m really sad to report because it smelled absolutely divine. Clean. Refreshing. It was lovely. And the bright blue of the water (exactly the shade in the photo above, actually) begged me to sink into it. I think I would have loved this bath bomb if it hadn’t been for all of the floaties in it.

I also can’t say that I believe the claims that it “softens and soothes your skin” – my skin needed just as much body butter as normal when I got out of the bath, though perhaps if I had stayed in longer that would have changed – I can’t say.

I have a feeling that if this had been a bubble bath bomb – as I had been expecting – I could have got passed the floating seaweed in my tub, but as it was so very aparant I just couldn’t, and sadly it totally ruined the experience of the bath bomb for me. I will not be repurchasing this bath bomb – perhaps I should stick to my old favourite of the Butterball bath bomb.

Have you tried Big Blue? Do you agree with my impression, or do you love it?


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