April Favourites

My first monthly favourites post! I’m quite excited to be posting this, I’m not going to lie. This months post features mostly beauty related favourites with a couple of games and a book!

april faves

Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil
Before discovering this cleansing oil, I had been drooling over cleansing balms for probably six months, but they were all out of my price range. But then Amelia Liana posted a blog (and a video) about this brilliant cleansing oil from The Body Shop, and I had to try it out! The Body Shop website says that “this silky-soft cleanser will effortlessly remove make-up from the whole face quickly and effectively, leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed and clear of impurities. It’s the ultimate time-saver.” And I have to agree 100%. All it takes is 1 pump of this oil and a quick massage all over the face and it takes off all of my makeup – waterproof mascara included. It also feels lovely on the skin, leaving it silky smooth after washing it off, and the chamomile scent is a lovely relaxing way to end the day.

The Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil retails for $16.00 for 200 mL – though it is on sale through the website right now for $9.60!

Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter

april faves_raspberry

This is another Body Shop find. I have loved their body butters for years, but I can’t say I have ever been so excited about a scent. It’s wonderfully smooth and creamy and absorbs into the skin so beautifully. The moistures stays locked in all day, usually until I have a shower or bath again.

From the Body Shop website, “This rich and creamy Body Butter is this season’s must-have for silky smooth skin. It contains raspberries picked early to preserve their freshness and Community Fair Trade shea butter.”

The Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter retails for $20.00 at the Body Shop, though they’re very often on sale, so keep your eye out! (In fact, they’re $12.00 on the website right now.)

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
I posted a mini haul about this face mask a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become a favourite of mine! I’ve used it three times since I got it on April 25 and my face just adores it. My skin is acne-prone and tends towards oily/combination and after I use it, my skin is less oily, my spots are less angry-looking, and the next day they’re less prominent than they were. I just love it – this is going to be a repurchase, for sure.

This mask is only available in stores and sells for $6.95 for a pot. It’s also vegan, for those who are interested, and would last for 4-5 masks. It features “spearmint oil to cool, vanilla absolute to calm redness and Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse” and as the LUSH website says, who doesn’t want to slather their face in chocolate for clear skin?

Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat
I recently purchased this top coat because my old top coat was just not cutting it for me. I bought this top coat not because I am in love with Essie’s nail polish formula – I’m actually quite undecided on their nail polish – but I absolutely love this top coat. It has extended the wear of my nail polish from three to four days to over a week. Essie claims that No Chips Ahead will “protect against fading, resist chips and peeling” in addition to the extension of the wear time. It’s a bit expensive at $8.50 a bottle, but the positive effects make it worth it.

Remember Me


Three weeks ago I wrote a review on Remember Me, a video game that was published by Capcom in 2013. I remember being very intrigued when it was released, but didn’t play it until recently when my fiance purchased a subscription for Playstation Plus and it was a free download at the time. I absolutely loved this game and have been longing for a sequel since I finished it. It’s an intriguing dystopian world and a heroic female character that just drew me in. For a full review, go check out my earlier post.

Remember Me is retailing on Amazon.ca for just under $20 – which I think is a fantastic deal for how much fun I had while playing it.

“A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent” – Marrie Brennan
I recently finished this book and I am absolutely fell in the with the characters and I love everything to do with dragons, so this was an obvious love for me. The book is written as a memoir (as the title suggests) and takes on the adventures of a Victorian-esque era woman who is obsessed with dragons and her adventures. She is a natural historian and this story discusses her very beginnings of that journey. The trade paperback is $12.28 on Chapters.ca and you can also find it on Goodreads.



I’ve recently become reobsessed with Bejeweled on my iPhone. I played it years ago when it was just a flash game online and when I first got my iPhone I downloaded it almost immediately from the iTunes store. After becoming jaded with CandyCrush I rediscovered my love for Bejeweled and their recently release of their Bejeweled Poker has rekindled my love. I’ve been playing it far too much for my own good.

Bejeweled is available for free on the iTunes store.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “April Favourites

  1. Oh wow – we have extremely similar taste! I’ve had the Natural History of Dragons on my wishlist for ages, and I really want to play Remember Me 🙂 And how amazing is that raspberry smell!
    Have you played Contrast? You might like it! 🙂

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