Thursday’s Thoughts | Couples Showers

When my fiance and I started thinking about “bridal showers” a few months ago we both kind of went “yuck”. I personally don’t like that typical bridal showers are all about the bride and oohing and ahhing over kitchen wares and doing silly (embarassing, in my opinion) games. I wanted my fiance there, for one thing. We are the ones getting married after all, it’s not just me. And I also wanted to celebrate with my male friends, not just the women in my life. So came about our “couples showers”.

We had two of showers – one in my home time hosted by my family members and a second in Edmonton where we live now. The first was hosted by my sister at the local community hall where many of my aunts and uncles and family friends came by to say hello and chat with us. It was a really nice, calm day with tasty snacks, board games and surprise photo ops with my fiance and I and each of our guests. It was so wonderful to catch up with some of my extended family members who I haven’t seen in a long time!

Our second shower was at my fiance’s sister’s house here in Edmonton. She loves to plan parties, especially ones with themes, so we hinted that we’d love a Harry Potter party and she did not disappoint! She, along with her sister and my maid of honour did an amazing job coming up with tasty themed treats and decorations that included Butterbeer (with an alcoholic option), a Honeydukes candy bar and beer pong style Quidditch (without the beer so that the kids could play). We got to see a lot of friends from out of town that we hadn’t seen in quite a while and it was so much fun! You can see more details (and pictures!) Chantelle’s blog here and here.

couples shower - elise jodi keniaKenia, myself and Elise – two of my dearest friends!


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