Coveted Products | Summer 2014

Coveted Products - Summer 2014
This is the first summer that I’ve been really paying attention to the beauty world and I am so excited about some of the neat things that have been coming out recently!

1. TOO FACED – Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
Oh my. This palette. Ever since I first saw it in Fleur de Force’s video (and then later Amelia Liana’s) I have been (metaphorically) drooling over this bad boy. The shades are absolutely me and so very gorgeous and I love that it comes in a tin – it would make it perfect for travelling!
2. KIEHL’S – Super Multi Corrective Cream
This is the only skin care item on here and I am actually very surprised considering how much I love skin care. Although I have been coveting this product since winter. I’ve heard that it’s something of a miracle cream and I’ve gone in and tested it on my hands in my local Kiehl’s store and it is luxurious.
3. TARTE – The Sculptor
This is a fairly recent release from Tarte, and for someone who is as inexperienced with contouring as I am, I was ecstatic when I first heard about this product. It sounds like the perfect way to learn how to contour without over doing it.
4. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Universal Lip Liner
I love a bold lip. If I’m going to wear lipstick it’s just about always bold. Though I haven’t really bothered with lip liner because I don’t want to have to buy a new one every time I get a new shade of lipstick, so this would be perfect for me. AND it would make help my lipstick last longer.
5. TARTE – Rainforest After Dark Palette (Limited Edition)
I saw this on Tarte’s Instagram the other day and gasped out loud. It is so gorgeous and it’s an all-in-one palette to boot. This would be perfect to take with you for touch ups throughout the day or for travelling, or just to sit out wherever you do your makeup, it’s just that gorgeous.
6. BENEFIT – They’re Real! Push Up Liner
This liner has been all anyone’s been talking about since Benefit started teasing it and I am so excited about the prospect of this product. I have such a difficult time with liquid eye liners (I don’t even own one right now, actually) and this sounds just perfect for me.
What products are you coveting for Summer 2014?

7 thoughts on “Coveted Products | Summer 2014

  1. Love this post! I really like the sound of the contour kit, and I fancy trying that benefit push up liner myself.. I’m just so curious about it, they have done some good marketing with this one xx

    • Ugh isn’t it gorgeous? Tarte, stop trying to take my money! And Benefit really has done some amazing marketing, I’m pretty impressed!

  2. I have tried the They’re Real liner, and really didn’t like it for a cat eye like I would normally use liquid/gel liner for. The application is great of you are just looking for a liner for your lid, but any fancy cat eye techniques are pretty much impossible.

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