Getting Rid of Stuff

As of June 30 I will be on my way from Edmonton, Alberta to Halifax, Nova Scotia. My husband and I will be driving across the country to our new apartment in our mini van, so you can imagine that a lot of stuff that we have accumulated over the years won’t be making the trek. We could always store everything we don’t want to take at one of our parents farms, but we’ve decided that we want to do that as little as possible. So begins the sorting.

I actually started going through thing like books and DVDs a few months ago – and for someone who treasures her books, I’m surprised at how easy it was to just get rid of books I wouldn’t read again. It was really freeing, like the shackles of consumerism were being removed. Or something that’s a little less melodramatic. 😉 I used the same technique for everything else. For clothes: anything that didn’t fit, I didn’t like, was getting ratty or I hadn’t worn in a year was out. For decor: anything that I felt “meh” about was out. For beauty/makeup: anything that was pretty much used up or I didn’t like was out. For art supplies: anything that wasn’t worth moving across the country or was old was out.

And man oh man did it feel good. I discovered about a year ago that I enjoyed the feeling of purging the stuff I owned, but I’ve never done it to this extent. It felt like taking a long, hot shower when you’re really really dirty. Multiplied by about 10. To own so little things makes me feel organized and energized in a way that I just didn’t expect at all. Almost like I felt weighed down by my stuff and now I can go anywhere because I’ve cut down so much. I mean, if money grew on trees. 😉

Is this why people spring clean? Do they not only clean the house but purge their belongings? I dunno, but I think I’ll be more than happy to do that from now on!

Oh – there won’t be a June favourites post this month. I decided to do the products I’m coveting instead because I don’t have any different favourites from last month.


2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Stuff

  1. Hey!

    I feel you, I often go through my things and clean *purge* because I have a very bad habit of keeping things for no reason. It really does feel good to clean – makes you feel more in control more free and light. You must be super excited for the move, it will be a great new life with your ♥.

    • I’m very excited! We’re still in Alberta at the moment – saying goodbye to family and such – but I’m so excited to get on the road to see Canada!

      PS – I’m glad to see you’ve got HE back up and running 🙂

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