Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Like so many others of my generation, Harry Potter changed my life. He was a constant companion for lonely nights at the farm, a friendly face to turn to when I needed a friend, and he instilled so many morales in the core of my being that I can’t imagine myself without him in it.

LeakyCon 2011 – after watching Deathly Hallows Part 2 with good friends. Orlando, FL.

Harry and I may not be as close as we once were – I don’t think I’ve read the books for a few years now – but he’s still close to my heart. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have met one of my best friends, I wouldn’t have volunteered at the Harry Potter Alliance for three years and met and befriended some of the most inspiring people ever. And there are smaller things too, little things that have been instilled into my personality – honesty, loyalty, fairness.

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Friday Favourites | Khan Academy

If you follow my Twitter feed, you will have noticed I’ve been talking a lot lately about the Pre-Calculus and Physics courses I am taking right now. I am taking both of these online, which is turning out to be quite interesting for me. I am not a math and science person – there is a reason why I’ve stayed towards the Arts, ha! Not to mention that I haven’t done this kind of math since high school (5 years ago) and I’ve never studied physics before. So I’ve needed a bit of help reminding myself/teaching myself some of the more basic concepts of both subjects.

Enter Khan Academy.

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FOTD | Bridal Edition

I am a planner. I need to have a plan to let go of stress. Yet, for my wedding day, I had no plan for my makeup. I had two looks in mind: a bold lip and a more neutral eye, or a neutral lip with a bold eye. But I couldn’t decide which to do. I had tried them both and liked bot, but I just couldn’t decide what to do. So in a very out of character move, I winged it. To an extent at least.

bridal fotd

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Up the Rollercoaster on Facebook!

Welcome to the brand new Up the Rollercoaster! I’ve been itching for something different design-wise for a while now, something that fit with the blog a little better and something that was just a bit more functional. And here we are! I hope you guys like it!

I’ve also created a Facebook Page for Up the Rollercoaster – another easy way for you to follow my updates easily! (You can also follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter if you prefer those methods!)

Let me know what you think of the new design + Facebook page in the comments!

Thursday’s Thoughts | The E-Book

When e-books were first introduced I was immediately against them, even without trying them out. I was determined that I was not only a book person but a physical person. However, when Indigo’s Kobo e-reader went on sale a few years ago for Boxing Day, Dylan and I decided to get one in the hopes that it would save us some space in our (formerly) cramped apartment.

Well, it didn’t. Our poor Kobo has mostly collected dust until recently when we had to get rid of the vast majority of our books when we moved. Now we’re stuck with a conundrum – do we repurchase the books we already owned? And if we do, do we buy them in hard copy or e-book format?

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#jodydomoving – Part 3


We arrived in Sudbury pretty late and got up again to leave for Ottawa pretty early. We didn’t see any of the town other than the hotel we were staying in and the gas station we fuelled up in, but the hotel was really cute!

We were both super excited to get to Ottawa. I had been there in 2007 for Encounters with Canada and had loved it and Dylan was excited at getting to see Parliament Hill. We arrived before dinner, which was really fantastic, and then we went out and about to explore downtown a bit. We walked down Rideau Street, wandered down Rideau Canal, explored Parliament Hill and ate dinner at a delicious pizza place/bar called The Grand, followed by a Beaver Tail for desert. We wandered for a little bit after that and then just crashed in our hotel for the rest of the night.

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#jodydomoving – Part 2

#jodydomoving banner

From Moose Jaw, we decided that we wanted to get the hell out of the prairies, so we drove and drove and drove until Kenora, Ontario. We arrived late at night – around 10 pm or so – so we were both exhausted. We stayed in a Super 8 in the town, which was really nice because we could have coffee and breakfast the next morning. I was feeling absolutely atrocious that morning – my cold had moved into my chest and was just awful – so Dylan, who was feeling better than I was, drove. (Though he has been driving pretty much the whole time, the trooper.) We headed towards Thunder Bay, Ontario, where we were planning to stay for two days so that we could try to catch up on some sleep, relax and try to kick our colds in the butt.

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