#jodydomoving – Part 1

Today I’m taking a break from the beauty-related posts to an update on our trip from Edmonton to Halifax! I know that if nothing else, my mom will sure appreciate it, haha!

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On the 30th Dylan and I moved out of our apartment in Edmonton and have since been without a home. That day we drove to New Norway to my parents farm, where we planned on just staying one night but ended up staying two. This was mostly because we ended up having way too much stuff to fit into our van and needed to sort through it all again (luckily my dad had brought the stock trailer up to Edmonton to help us move so we could get all of our stuff out) and we wanted to get the air conditioning fixed in the van. It was a real treat to get to stay with mom and dad a few more days, and my kitty was super cuddly, which was both nice and sad seems as we were leaving. My brother and sister ended up coming to the farm for Canada Day on July 1 and that was so amazing. We got to have one more family hurrah (minus my nephew, sadly) before Dylan and I left.


On the second we drove down to Calgary to stay with Dylan’s sister Erin for a night. We didn’t do anything exciting at all in Calgary, other than hang out with Erin and her husband Chris. It was nice to relax – it was the first time in what felt like weeks that I finally allowed myself to unwind a bit!

The next day we drove to Pincher Creek to see Dylan’s grandma and her husband. I had never meet either of them before and they are both such fantastic people! I think Dylan and I both really enjoyed sitting around and chatting with them both most of the night last night and I really look forward to the next time we see them!

And that leads us up to today when we drove from Pincher Creek to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It wasn’t an eventful drive, we were pretty set on getting here rather than stopping to check anything out we might have seen. Though, to be honest, we didn’t see much that we would have wanted to stop for anyway. We booked a hotel room at Temple Gardens Spa here in Moose Jaw and despite having a bit of a tough time getting to it thanks to a street festival, it has been amazing having a hotel room to ourselves – and a pretty freaking awesome mineral spa pool to soak in after the drive. When we came in and saw the festival I thought we might venture the few blocks from the hotel to check it out, but we ended up staying in the hotel all night. We even ordered room service – I feel like a proper adult!

We are hoping to get into Ontario tomorrow, bumping up our drive time by quite a bit, though that may not happen now that Dylan and I are both fighting colds. Here’s hoping we’re feeling better after a good sleep in this gigantic king-sized bed!


5 thoughts on “#jodydomoving – Part 1

  1. My husband and I moved to SF from Toronto Canada earlier this year, I know it can be super stressful. I hope everything is going well and you can settle into your new home soon!

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