#jodydomoving – Part 2

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From Moose Jaw, we decided that we wanted to get the hell out of the prairies, so we drove and drove and drove until Kenora, Ontario. We arrived late at night – around 10 pm or so – so we were both exhausted. We stayed in a Super 8 in the town, which was really nice because we could have coffee and breakfast the next morning. I was feeling absolutely atrocious that morning – my cold had moved into my chest and was just awful – so Dylan, who was feeling better than I was, drove. (Though he has been driving pretty much the whole time, the trooper.) We headed towards Thunder Bay, Ontario, where we were planning to stay for two days so that we could try to catch up on some sleep, relax and try to kick our colds in the butt.

It was a beautiful drive through the Canadian Shield: trees as far as the eye could see: on hills, in valleys, surrounding the many many lakes…just gorgeous. And the pink and orange and green and grey rock peeking through the grass and on the sides of the roads. Agh, so breathtaking. Unfortunately neither of us really enjoyed it because we were so intent on getting to Thunder Bay and resting. Which we definitely did – we only left the hotel room to 1) get donuts from Robin’s, which we don’t have in Alberta and 2) get dinner. Same for the second day.

The day after we left Thunder Bay with the hopes of reaching Sudbury, which we managed quite easily – especially considering our Moose Jaw to Kenora trek was about the same length and we were absolutely done by the end of it. The drive was absolutely gorgeous, which I think really helped. Dylan and I decided that the area around Lake Superior is basically the Forest Moon of Endor. It was really difficult to get good pictures, I wish I could have captured the absolute beauty of it. We hit Sault Ste Marie around dinner time and after that was when the landscape began to change for us. The road flattened into soft hills and curves, rather than steep hills and valleys. I have to say I stopped paying so much attention to our surroundings at this point because I was so over driving, but I have a feeling that it wasn’t quite as breath taking.

I don’t have any pictures to post this time, other than what was on my Instagram, because I just didn’t take many pictures on this leg of the journey. You can find a link to my Instagram on the right side of the page, or at instagram.com/siriusismyhero


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