#jodydomoving – Part 3


We arrived in Sudbury pretty late and got up again to leave for Ottawa pretty early. We didn’t see any of the town other than the hotel we were staying in and the gas station we fuelled up in, but the hotel was really cute!

We were both super excited to get to Ottawa. I had been there in 2007 for Encounters with Canada and had loved it and Dylan was excited at getting to see Parliament Hill. We arrived before dinner, which was really fantastic, and then we went out and about to explore downtown a bit. We walked down Rideau Street, wandered down Rideau Canal, explored Parliament Hill and ate dinner at a delicious pizza place/bar called The Grand, followed by a Beaver Tail for desert. We wandered for a little bit after that and then just crashed in our hotel for the rest of the night.

ottawa selfie

We had to take a selfie next to Parliament

The next day our goal was Fredericton, New Brunswick, so we had quite a drive ahead of us. It took us forever to get through Ottawa and later Montreal (thanks rush hour) but after that we had a pretty decent pace going. It still took us longer than expected, mostly because we forgot about jumping through a time zone once we hit New Brunswick.

We weren’t able to get a hotel room in Fredericton (note to self: plan ahead next time) so we drove the two hours to Moncton (at 11:30 pm) in the hopes that we would find something there. Turns out they were pretty full too – apparently there was a car show and a baseball tournament or something – but we managed to find a vacancy at an EcoLodge. Thank goodness.

Next day – Friday July 11, 2014 – we arrived in Halifax and moved into our new apartment! It exceeded our expectations, especially because we only saw pictures in the advertisement we found it in. It is a lot bigger than we expected, has a gorgeous view, hardwood floors and a bathroom that is absolutely adorable. The closet space is much better than what we had in our last apartment too, and our landlords are so very sweet.

That’s something we’ve been noticing actually, the people in Halifax – and the Maritimes in generally – seem to be very happy, cheerful people. It’s made coming out here a lot easier for us – and the scenery doesn’t hurt either!


4 thoughts on “#jodydomoving – Part 3

    • Oh it really was! I’d heard people talk about how pretty Canada is but I’d never really got it before now – and so diverse! Flat prairies and hills and forests and valleys and lakes and ahh ❤ so much appreciation for Canada's natural beauty!

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