Friday Favourites | Khan Academy

If you follow my Twitter feed, you will have noticed I’ve been talking a lot lately about the Pre-Calculus and Physics courses I am taking right now. I am taking both of these online, which is turning out to be quite interesting for me. I am not a math and science person – there is a reason why I’ve stayed towards the Arts, ha! Not to mention that I haven’t done this kind of math since high school (5 years ago) and I’ve never studied physics before. So I’ve needed a bit of help reminding myself/teaching myself some of the more basic concepts of both subjects.

Enter Khan Academy.

Khan Academy Screen Grab

My husband introduced me to this site when I was struggling with Pre-Calculus this morning and I am already in love. I have been doing some refreshers on algebra and it has been so helpful. It’s nice to have someone talk to me in words that aren’t a university textbook.

Khan Academy offers lessons in Math, Science (Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Medicine), Humanities (History, Art History, American Civics), Economics and Finance, Computing (Computer Programming, Cryptology) and test prep for the SATs, GMATs, MCATs, etc. Basically, it’s the whether you’re looking to brush up on some skills or learn something new all together. It is the Duolingo of non-language learning.

Have you tried out Khan Academy or a similar education website? Let me know in the comments!

Note: I was not sponsored to make this post, these opinions are all mine.

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