Luxe Box Summer 2014 Review

luxe box summer 2014

My first Luxe Box arrived before we moved out of our apartment in Edmonton, sometime mid to late June. I considered doing an unboxing on here, but thought that might be a little weird outside of video form, so I’ve been looking forward to this review for quite a while now!

The box itself is fairly standard for beauty subscription boxes I think, though I’ve never tried any others so I can’t say for sure. I will say that it felt very chic when I opened it up and it made me instantly even more excited to see what was inside! (Also, look at that little button logo, it’s adorable.)


Not pictured: Eslor Introductory Set Samples

Fakkai PrX Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner. I received a travel size sample of this shampoo/conditioner set which I was very happy with considering the upcoming trek across the country with my hubby. I didn’t start using them until we were on the road and I was absolutely wowed. First of all, they smell divine. There’s definitely some vanilla in there, but I’m so awful at describing scents. It reminds me of cake, but I think that might just be the vanilla. Second, I have never used a shampoo and conditioner that have made my hair feel so luscious and of or shine so much. I’ve also noticed that I can go longer between washes using this set, which is probably what impressed me the most. This stuff is definitely something I would consider buying again!

Luxe Box Summer 2014 Nail Polish

Teeez Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer in Pretty in Pyrite. When I first pulled out this polish I had very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I love the packaging. On the other, I am not at all a glitter sort of person, nor do I really like gold nail polish. But this converted me! I used this polish all throughout our road trip and it stayed on twice as long as any Essie polishes I have, and when it did chip it was usually pretty tiny. I also really love the formulation when painting, it’s thick enough that you really only need one coat for an opaque finish, which is exactly what I look for in a polish. I’m going to be keeping my ear to the ground about this company for sure!

Loose Button Gel Eye Pads. These babies have been what I’ve been looking for for the summer months without even realizing it. They are so perfect for when I’m too hot to fall asleep (or really just too hot in general) – they cool me off so fast! They’re also great at getting rid of headaches and are apparently amazing at helping with baggy eyes. Basically these are the – even if they are really difficult to photograph. 😉

Hand Cream

L’Occitane En Provence Dry Skin Hand Cream. I was pretty stoked when I saw this hand cream. I love the packaging and the size would be perfect to take in my bag. Unfortunately the smell has made it pretty tough for me to use – I don’t even know how to describe it except for old lady. Very pungent old lady. The formula is really nice though – it’s very nourishing and banishes dry skin like no tomorrow. I feel like I will probably use this on my dry elbows in the winter time rather than my hands, just to keep the smell away.

Eyeko Eyeliner

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Ohhhhhh man. Oh man. This eye liner. It’s amazing. I had never used a felt tip eyeliner before – I’ve been too intimidated – but when I got this I had to try it. It’s the best thing to happen to me in a long time makeup-wise. It’s so easy to throw on some eyeliner and mascara and just call it good. And this eyeliner looks amazing by itself because it’s so dark. And it stays on all day too! Yes, I think I am in love.

Loose Button Tweezers. I honestly haven’t used these tweezers as I’ve still got a pair that are treating me very nicely. However, these do fit very nicely in the hand and they have a nice, smooth yet grippy texture to the outside. I’m glad to have another pair in case I lose mine!


Iris Lampwork Glass Beads. Look at how pretty these are! These beads aren’t really my taste (I’m not a huge fan of pink) but look at how gorgeous they are! The one with the spirals is my favourite, it’s got this amazing interdimensionality to it that doesn’t come across in the photo. I don’t, however, have a bracelet to put these on or any other use for them at the moment – does anyone have an ideas on what I can do with these pretty beads?

Eslor Face Samples

Eslor Introductory Collection Samples. Ehhhh. These samples were tiny and it was really difficult to tell if I actually liked the line or not. I honestly couldn’t say if it did anything to my skin, I didn’t notice any changes by the time I’d used it all up.

All in all I was so happy with my first ever Luxe Box! I would most definitely give this box an 8/10 for it’s awesome selection. Can’t wait for September to roll around so I can get my next box!

Are you a Luxe Box subscriber? Tell me about your favourite products in the comments if you are! If not, what is your favourite beauty box/the one you most want to try?

– Jodi

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