#jodydomoving – Apartment Tour!


This will likely be my last post in this #jodydomoving segment, at least for quite a long time! My friends and family have been waiting for this post anxiously and I’m quite excited to show off our apartment, even though it’s got a long way to go before we’ll be happy with it. If that’s even possible when I love decorating!

Living Room

We don’t have much in the way of furniture yet as you can see, but we absolutely love the bones of this place. The huge window  and the hardwood floors, plus the spaciousness of the apartment itself is just so exciting for us. All of the windows are relatively new, which is super nice. And we have a thermostat! Unlike in our last apartment. I have some ideas floating around in my head for how to decorate, but we will really have to wait to see what what else we find for furniture from kijiji and flea markets before I can really solidify any sort of design.


This little table was one of our first Value Village finds and I am so infatuated with it. It’s perfect for right beside the door and we like to fantasize about the little shelf in the bottom being the perfect place for a kitty to curl up in.


We are so excited about this kitchen. Not only does it have a window (Ah! So nice!) but it has so much storage space. The cupboards are in desperate need of some love (a paint job and some new hardware would do them wonders) but because we’re renting it’s not likely our landlords would be happy with us doing anything with them.


We have two bedrooms in this place, which is so perfect for us. Not only will it potentially give us somewhere to throw down an air mattress when our friends and family from Alberta come to visit (hint hint), but it’s a great space for us to do school work. We’ve already got a desk that I’m in love with (and a new printer!) and it’s sure coming in handy for me right now with my summer courses! The desk is also doubling for my little beauty corner, which I’m really excited about! I found a gorgeous mirror on kijiji that we’re going to hang up so that I have somewhere to do my makeup, which is something I’ve been itching for for a long time now. I’m really excited to start figuring out organization for both my office supplies and my makeup.


The second bedroom is the one we decided would be our bedroom though the two bedrooms are pretty much identical. Both have large windows and beautiful hardwood floors. The bedroom is pretty basic – our new bed (queen-sized, swooooon) a couple of night stands/small bookshelves and that’s all we really need or want for furniture in there. The only things I want to change now are aesthetic, which I’m looking forward to quite a lot!


I have to say the bathroom is probably my favourite part of this apartment. It’s small, sure, but it has lots of light thanks to the window in the shower (which is a weird placement, but quite nice for summer). I’m also really loving the medicine cabinet and can’t wait to get more storage in here!

We really couldn’t be happier with our apartment – well, maybe if it had a balcony. But the landlords are great, the space is great, the neighbours are great….and it’s pet friendly! (If you couldn’t tell from all of my kitty planning.) I’m very excited about this place and I can’t wait to start getting into decorating mode! I’m definitely going to be featuring my projects on the blog, which will be the start of a long and happy DIY relationship with me and Up The Rollercoaster, I hope! I’m thinking #jodydodecorating for the title of the segment – what do you guys think?

I love value village, but what’s your favourite place to find second hand furniture and decor?

– Jodi
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8 thoughts on “#jodydomoving – Apartment Tour!

  1. What a great place to settle in and begin your married life! I am so excited to see how you make it your own. Maybe if you start tackling some of your decorating it will give me the push I need to get working on some of my own…

  2. AHHHH! It’s so pretty! And looks so neat and tidy. I’m so happy you two found an apartment with such ample lighting and space. Having that second bedroom/office space must be absolute luxury. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us – I’m really glad I got to see a tour of the place as it is right now. ❤

  3. Congrats on the move Jodi! Your new place looks so sunny and bright. I know you guys will have a blast making it your new “home” 🙂

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