Meet Korra!

Dylan and I have wanted to get a kitty for a long time and now that we are in a pet friendly apartment we have been having a very difficult time resisting. We tried to be responsible and calculate the costs into our budget in order to try to remind ourselves that cats are a big responsibility and can be expensive, but it didn’t work. We went to the SPCA on Sunday and brought home an adorable, stubborn, affectionate cat we’ve named Korra. (Yes, that is a Legend of Korra reference for all of you Avatar: The Last Airbender fans.)


korra2 korra4

She is about three years old and the SPCA said that she is a Domestic Short Haired cat, but we think she might have some Bengal in her. She’s got the striping on her legs that we think might be too consistent for a tabby, her toes are super long like Bengal’s and she has the black around her waterline in her eyes like Bengal’s. Not that any of that matters. We have fallen so hard for her and we’re so happy that we got her!

(My social media is going to be all Korra all the time now, but I can’t even feel bad. She’s SO CUTE.)

– Jodi
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