Unboxing | Julep Summer Welcome Box 2014

Up the Rollercoaster | Julep Maven Unboxing Summer 2014 Welcome Box

Up the Rollercoaster | Julep Maven Unboxing Summer 2014 Welcome Box

I recently found a code for a free Julep box (not including shipping) and decided to give it a whirl. I was subscribed about a year ago and was pretty underwhelmed by the products, but I wanted to give it a try again after seeing some exciting new products in their lineup.

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. I’m so excited about this serum! I didn’t think I would be, but my nails have been super brittle – actually since I first tried Julep’s polishes. If this stuff can make a difference in my nails I would be so thrilled, I can’t even.

Up the Rollercoaster | Julep Maven Unboxing Summer 2014 Welcome Box

Tegan is an almost maroon polish with yellow and purple iridescence to it. It’s got tiny sparkles in there too, which makes me think this is going to the perfect Christmas season polish.

Winter is a light grey polish which I’m surprisingly happy with. A few months ago I would’ve turned my nose up at it, but after trying my darker grey ELF polish I have fallen for the color.

Eden is a blue-toned purple which I oddly don’t have in my collection yet. For a purple addict this is very strange for me, so as you can imagine I’m quite thrilled to try it out.

Up the Rollercoaster | Julep Maven Unboxing Summer 2014 Welcome Box

I’m quite excited to test these polishes and the nail serum! Have you tried Julep products? What do you think of them?

– Jodi
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9 thoughts on “Unboxing | Julep Summer Welcome Box 2014

  1. I was super obsessed with Julep for the longest time, but in the last six months I stopped getting my boxes. Part of it was their awful shipping and part of it was the changes they’ve been making (things got more expensive and there was a much bigger focus on makeup over nail polish). Mostly though it was because I had SO MANY polishes (well over `100) that every color they came out with, I was like “don’t I have that already?”. I got my box for the first time this month though (even though I’ve been having a bit of trouble with them involving a refund for an order I never got), ironically because this month had lip crayons and now I AM into product over polish, haha. (Thanks Ipsy). Anyway I got two lip crayons and they’re gorgeous. Have you gotten your box yet for this month? (Also, do you get ipsy? I can’t remember. I like them but sometimes I think about trying an other beauty box, but I’m not sure.)

    • I actually only subscribed for the one month because I’m a bad person. 😛 I am really in love with the polishes that I got though so I wouldn’t mind subscribing again one day.

      I don’t get Ipsy but I do get Luxe Box! I hear good things about Ipsy though, I love that they do makeup bags as their packaging – though I imagine it gets to be a lot of makeup bags after a while haha.

      • Hahaha, nothing wrong with that! Honestly, I’ve thought about cancelling my subscription but I have an older account so I got grandfathered in to some changes I don’t want to lose.

        On the makeup bags for Ipsy, I save them all! My sister is an ipsy subscriber and she uses the bags as like, gift bags when she gives gifts to coworkers and friends, which I thought was a cute idea! I save mine but every once in a while I replace my purse makeup bag with one of their new ones. I’m gonna look into Luxe though! Ipsy is a toss-up for me, sometimes I LOVE my whole bag, other times I don’t like any of it.

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