Wedding Wednesday | Custom Photobook & Guestbook! + Free Printable

DIY Wedding Photobook & Guestbook + free printable!

Welcome to my first ever Wedding Wednesday post! Quite a few Canadian Beauty Bloggers do these segments and seems as I documented a lot of my wedding process I thought I’d start doing some posts on this too. Check out Megan and Laura if you’d like some more Wedding Wednesday fun!

I really struggled with coming up with a guestbook idea that I was happy with. I spent hours on Pinterest, Etsy and Offbeat Bride, but everything I saw either felt overdone or just not us. I knew I wanted to do a signature tree, which I will talk more about in a separate post, but I wanted something that was a little more durable and that people could write messages on as well. An Offbeat Tribe member suggested an idea that I still love – finding a book that both you and your significant other love and have people write in it. Dylan and I both love books and loved the idea, but we couldn’t find a book that felt right. All I could think of was a Harry Potter book, but I couldn’t bring myself to destroy Harry Potter. So I kept looking. And then in my Pinterest travels I found a link to – a custom photobook creation site that allows you to create and order a print of your photo book. I fell in love with the idea – I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to page layout and wanted to create my own photo album, so this was perfect!

There are three different tools you can use to create your book depending on both your skill level and the level of control you want. I wanted as much control as possible, so I downloaded the free plug-in for Adobe InDesign and got to work designing! This was a great project for me to work on post-wedding and pre-move when I felt a bit lost for what to do with myself. And I’m so happy with the result!

Up the Rollercoaster | DIY Wedding Photobook & Guestbook



I designed three books: two photo books – one with engagement photos (which I haven’t ordered yet) and one with our wedding photos, and one guestbook.The photo book is perfect as it is, but for our guestbook I left every other page blank so that we could add in the cards that I had designed and our guests had signed to complete the book.

If you’d like to do something similar to this, click the link below to download the card I designed for our guests to sign!

Love Notes & Advice.

Up the Rollercoaster | DIY Wedding Photobook & Guestbook

Up the Rollercoaster | DIY Wedding Photobook & Guestbook

I am in love with the final result, though I forgot to add thickness into the end result for the signature cards, so our book doesn’t really close anymore. All that means is it will have to be on display instead of stuck in a bookshelf somewhere, darn! 😉

These books are such high quality – the printing is perfect and the hardcover option is so perfect for us. It will be such a fantastic keepsake! I have a feeling I’ll be going back to Blurb in the future for any other printing needs I have.

– Jodi
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3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday | Custom Photobook & Guestbook! + Free Printable

  1. Yay I love Wedding Wednesdays 🙂 Thanks for the shout out as well! We did the same thing and created a photobook. It’s so nice to have a hard copy of photos, especially these days!

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