Review | David’s Tea Summer Collection 2014

The beauty world is a buzz with fall excitement but I am determined to hold onto summer in any way possible! Shorts, bright lips (and nails) and fruity teas – especially iced tea.

The David’s Tea Summer Collection fits my needs perfectly. I bought the collection earlier in the summer in the hopes of starting up my tea collection again after the move and I haven’t been disappointed. Most of these teas are herbal infusions, which are just perfect for the summer – especially if you’re looking to make some iced tea. Mmm, delicious.

Up the Rollercoaster | David's Tea Summer Collection 2014

Up the Rollercoaster | David's Tea Summer Collection 2014

Top Row: Just Peachy, Shooting Star Fruit Bottom Row: Watermelon Mint, Sangria, Mango Fruit Punch

Just Peachy. (Herbal Infusion) This tea is definitely my favourite of the collection with peaches, apples and just a hint of blackberry. It tastes like summer in a cup and the best way to drink it is over ice. Ingredients: Apple, sweet blackberry leaves, peach, natural and artificial flavouring.

Shooting Star Fruit. (White Tea) Shooting Star Fruit is a white tea that I’m just not quite sure about. It tastes good, but isn’t something I reach for unless I’m looking for a caffeine kick and don’t want coffee, black tea or green tea. Ingredients: Apple, white tea, papaya, mango, star fruit, jackfruit, natural flavouring.

Watermelon Mint. (Herbal Infusion) This is Dylan’s favourite of the collection and it’s another great iced tea. I actually haven’t tried it hot because it just feels so wrong. This tea has an upfront refreshing watermelon taste with a bit of a minty after taste that makes it taste like watermelon hubba bubba gum. Even if for nostalgic purposes only, I love to drink this tea. Ingredients: Apple, honeydew melon, peppermint, carrot, watermelon, wild strawberry leaves, beetroot, artificial watermelon-mint flavouring.

Sangria. (Herbal Infusion) Sangria doesn’t really taste like a summer drink to me – it’s spicy, appley and just down right Christmasy. That being said it is delicious and I am quite looking forward to drink more of this when it gets colder. Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus, liquorice root, sweet blackberry leaves, orange, strawberry, raspberry, natural flavouring.

Mango Fruit Punch. (Herbal Infusion) Guys. Guys, this smells like heaven. Or at least, if your heaven is mangos and other citrusy, summer fruits. This is pretty darn close to Just Peachy in my list of favourites, but doesn’t quite have that refreshing “ahhhh” that Just Peachy does. Ingredients: Pineapple, mango, orange peel and slices, tangerine, safflower, marigold, strawberry, artificial flavouring.

You can still nab the Summer Collection from the David’s Tea website if you hurry, but the Fall Collection was just recently released so it may not be around for long! Let me know in the comments what your favourite cool drink has been this summer!

– Jodi
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