Instagram | A Look Back at August 2014

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Didn’t I just do the Look Back at July? Man oh man where did August go?

As you can see from the lack of photos above, August was a pretty quiet one for me, and when I did take photos they weren’t usually on my phone. I spent the majority of the month locked away working on Precalculus and Physics, actually, and by far the most exciting thing to happen was adopting Korra!

Other than that, Dylan and I spent some time exploring Halifax – especially the public gardens. That is quickly becoming my favourite place here! We also had delicious cheesecake at The Sweet Hereafter, which Zoe recommended to me earlier in the summer.

We received our photobooks that I designed and got printed up from Blurb and they are so so gorgeous. I can’t wait to get a proper coffee table that we can display them on, ha!

I also decided not to return to university this month, which is a pretty huge decision for me. But that being said I’m very excited for September and what it will bring for me and for Up the Rollercoaster! What are you most looking forward to this month?

– Jodi
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