Fabric Bookbinding Workshop at Patch Halifax

Fabric and I don’t really get along. Even in theatre school I always had much more success working with stiffer materials (wood, foam core, etc.) than with fabric, but I am determined to get over my aversion to textiles. I mean, they are way prettier than foam core and wood for one thing. 😉

In my determination, I decided I wanted to sew a duvet cover for our bed. Korra is making our bed quite hairy, and while I love her to pieces it’s going to be quite difficult for us to wash the quilt on the bed. But that’s a bit daunting for me at this point – not the least because I decided I’d try to use “no-sew” glue rather than trying to sew it.  So in an effort to give myself the push I need to tackle the duvet cover, I thought I would start simple and signed up for a fabric bookbinding workshop over at Patch Halifax. Patch Halifax is a local fabric store that hosts regular sewing classes and sewing machine rentals. It’s located in an adorable little building on Robie Street with lots of bright windows and open space. It’s such a welcoming space that even as someone who is more than a little bit uncomfortable with fabric I felt right at home.

Patch Halifax | Up the Rollercoaster

Patch Halifax | Up the Rollercoaster

Patch Halifax | Up the Rollercoaster

The class I signed up for was taught by Ellen of Mule Mother Books. She is such a bright soul and it was so lovely to spend the afternoon chatting with her and the other ladies in the class. We made adorable little fabric notebooks, which I look forward to putting to good use for organizing my blogging ideas and to do’s. It was so much fun to sit down and craft away the afternoon, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it! I haven’t really done any crafting since finishing the wedding bouquets – I feel like this was the kick in the butt I needed to get at it again.

Aren’t they adorable? I am so pleased with how they turned out – even if my binding was a bit crooked on the spines. 😉

I have a feeling I am going to become very good friends with Patch Halifax in the next few months – there are so many neat sounding workshops that I want to attend!

Crafters out there, what is that one project you want to do but never seem to sit down and do?

– Jodi
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12 thoughts on “Fabric Bookbinding Workshop at Patch Halifax

  1. What a cute little shop…and great job on the books they are adorable, I want one!!!!. I’ve been meaning to start sewing again for a while, I’ve made a blanket and that’s about it hahaha..but I am determined to start crafting again once we get moved into the new place. There’s so many things i’d like to make but I’m not the craftiest haha.

    xx amber

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