Guest Post | An Ode to Sweater Weather with Amber Magus

Hello lovely readers of Jodi, it is my absolute pleasure to be doing a guest post here at Up the Rollercoaster.  My name is Amber and I blog over at Amber Magus where I talk about all things skin care, beauty and Life.  Myself and Jodi thought that as sad as it is to admit but fall and winter are fast approaching and however much I really do not enjoy winter certainly if we get another 5 months of -50, we both really love Fall.  So to embrace the lovely fall weather, myself and Jodi have each put together our reasons to fall in love with…well…Fall…so wrap up in your coziest sweater, grab a cup of tea and enjoy.  And make sure to pop on over to my blog to check out Jodi’s post on what she looks forwards to in Fall.
Guest Post: Ode to Sweater Weather | Up the Rollercoaster

(pictures all found on we heart it)

1. Autumn Fashion// I love being able to throw on a cute chunky sweater, scarf and a nice pair of boots.  Layering clothing is one of my favorite and most loved things to do and autumn just calls for lots of layers, its in between that not quite cold enough for a  winter jacket stage but not warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt.
2. Hot Drinks// One word…Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes…ok ok sorry more than one word but i couldn’t help myself!!! I adore the chai teas, whats even better is a chocolate chai tea latte, mmm mmmm good!!!  Whats also wonderful is a big mug of Hot chocolate, I’ve already switched from my iced coffee’s to a nice cup of hot chocolate on my trips to Tim Hortons.
3. Big cozy blankets// What could be better than wrapping your self up in a huge cozy blanket and snuggling on the sofa with the window open to let in the crisp air of fall.  Add in a big old hot chocolate and i’m in heaven!!!

4. The pretty pretty colors// Fall is beautiful, when the leaves first start to change, to the gorgeous orange color they turn. The rustic feel of leaves and twigs on the ground, the pumpkins that pop up in the grocery stores, everything just looks like it jumped right out of a picture.

Guest Post: Ode to Sweater Weather | Up the Rollercoaster

(All pictures where taken by myself…except the ‘body butter’ and “Hello September” which where found on we heart it)

5. Getting to use thick body butters// Being able to lather myself in thick fall scented lotions is absolutely lovely. Summer calls for light scents so being able to use scents that smell of freshly baked cookies or a pumpkin pie fill my heart with happiness.

6. Dark Nails// I’m not one to follow the crowd with the only using brights in summer and dark’s in winter (rebel I know) but I do find myself leaning more towards darker nails in the winter time without being judged by my clients constantly asking me how I can wear black nails when its summer out…well because darn it…I want to!!!

7. Long warm baths topped up with a Lush Bath Bomb// Bath/candles/bath bombs/music=a heavenly place. Wind down the day, brush off the stress of work, fill up the tub and let the worries and day just melt away and its perfect for those chillier days.

8. Face masks// Leading up to winter and once the dreaded cold months appear your skin needs a little extra attention and moisture due to the dry weather. So treat it to a nice hydrating mask.  Maybe when your relaxing in your warm bath.

9. Changing up my skincare routine// I love being able to use new and fun products and a change of season is perfect for that.  I like to switch up my skincare routine at every change of season, because each time needs just a little something different.  At the beginning of each season I like to give myself a full in depth facial to clean everything up from the months prior and prepare my skin for the colder/warmer months.  I then change my skincare from a summer routine, which includes lots of light moisturizers to more hydrating creams as it gets very dry here in Winnipeg.

10. Getting Excited for Christmas// Pretty much once September gets here my heart gets just a little more excited as I know Christmas (my most loved holiday) is approaching. Once Halloween has passed us I get in the full Christmas spirit, so I know once fall gets here, however much i’m scared for winter to show its face, I have the holiday season to get me through it.

What do you Love most about fall weather?? And make sure to stop over to my blog to check out Jodi’s post on all the reasons she loves this season!!

Thanks so much to Amber for doing this post swap with me! We did this post swap as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers monthly guest post feature – you can check out the rest of the posts here!


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