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Blogtober | Up the Rollercoaster

Happy Halloween, friends! I admit that I have no plans today other than sitting in my cat t-shirt and trying not to eat the candy slated for any trick or treaters that may show up. I realized I haven’t done a lifestyle post in quiiiite some time so I thought that the last day of Blogtober would be a great time to give you a bit of a life update, which coincidentally will give you some insight into why my blog is called what it is.


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Steal the Look #2: Keira Knightley

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Ever see a makeup look that you absolutely love, but have no idea what products to use to replicate it? Well Wet’n’Wild has just the thing for you – their new Steal the Look app! The app suggests products from Wet’n’Wild’s line that will help you to create any look and well…it’s actually really fun to play around with. I was so excited to be contacted by Wet’n’Wild via the Canadian Beauty Bloggers to help promote the new app – I mean, I love their eyeshadows so much, so getting to play with more of their makeup? Yes please.

I have done it again – I have stolen another look! This time I took inspiration from one of my favourite actresses, Keira Knightley! Knightley is arguable the Queen of the Smokey Eye, so I thought it would be fun to attempt!

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Beauty Guide: The No Sleep Edition

As I was brainstorming ideas for todays post, I thought it would be fun to start a new segment on Up the Rollercoaster that I’m dubbing “The Beauty Guide”. This Guide will be a great way for me to share tips and product ideas with you without smothering you with too many FOTD posts. So, enter the (photo-heavy) Beauty Guide part one…

Imagine it’s Monday morning. You’ve stayed up super late Sunday night studying, with a sick kid or maybe just binging on your favourite TV show and now you’re paying for it. You’ve pressed sleep a few many times on your alarm so not only are you exhausted but you’re running late and you don’t have time to shower, let alone do a full face of makeup to make yourself look somewhat presentable for school/work/whatever. I bring to you the no muss, no fuss, 5-step guide to looking awake for those days when you just don’t feel it. So grab your coffee and read on…

Beauty Guide: No Sleep Edition

The Tools: cold water, under eye concealer, rosey lipstick, nude eyeliner and an eyelash curler.

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Fall Trends: Graphic Liner

This Fall Trend was one of those looks that there were so many different options that I had a tough time deciding what I should do! Did I want to include a cut crease? Bottom wing? Did I want to do a simple coloured wing? In the end I decided to do a bit of a spin on the classic winged liner in what I have seen referred to as “kitty liner”. To me it looks more Black Swan than kitty-like, but either way I’m really like this look – especially for Halloween! I might just have to pair this liner with my cat shirt from yesterday’s post when I’m handing candy out to kids…

Fall Trends: Graphic Liner


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FOTD | The Naked 3 Palette

FOTD | Naked 3

Like my cat shirt? I am in love with it.

The Naked 3 Palette is easily my most expensive palette. I usually end up buying eyeshadows from the drugstore because you can find such amazing quality there, but last Christmas Dylan bought me the Naked 3. I loved it so much that it was what I did my eyes with for my wedding but I have been gravitating towards my newer eyeshadows lately. I thought it was about time that I pulled it out of it’s drawer and played a little bit.

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