Spark Sessions Dream OOTD

Spark Sessions are hosting an amazing competition to win a trip to the conference in November. The winner will receive a ticket to the conference, hotel, airfare, transportation to the conference centre and an invitation to the VIP dinner that is being held. That is pretty freaking awesome and seems as I’ve been drooling over the conference for months, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.

In order to enter, they have asked a showcase of a fashion or beauty look that you would either purchase or bring along with you and I thought I would attempt an outfit of the day, rather than a face of the day. I also had a really difficult time choosing tops so…this is an “outfit of the weekend” sort of post.

Spark Sessions Dream OOTD

I created this looking using Polyvore, searching on the website itself for items (such as the jeans) and using pieces I had “clipped” from my latest shopping lusts. First is the Kismet Page Fox Pattern Top from Bootlegger, which is the perfect colour for fall/winter and looks so comfortable, yet chic. Right next to it is the Color Block HiLo Top by Rickis, followed by the Kismet Floral Tee from Bootlegger. As for the jeans, I honestly just picked the first pair of blue and black jeans that showed up in my search, but these two are the Tory Burch Harlow Biker Jean and the River Island Black Jenna Straight Jean respectively.

Now, the accessories. I found most of these on Modcloth actually (where else?) and I am in love with all of them. First, the adorable Get Your Filament necklace – I can not get enough of it. SO CUTE. Next to that are the Pyramid Stud Earrings by Vince Camuto (these are the non-Modcloth ones), but really I’d like any simple silver earring. The scarf is a requirement seems as Spark Sessions is in November and it is likely to be chilly – plus I love me a knitted scarf. (This one is actually a blanket from…shhh don’t tell.)

I fell in love with the Colorblocking Triple the Charm Bag by Modcloth a few days ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It’d be great for packing around all the conference-y type things: a water bottle, business cards, camera, wallet, makeup bag, etc. Plus its so pretty. (I still can’t stop staring at it.) Finally…those Walk on the Wildflower Side boots. They are unfortunately sold out on Modcloth, but a girl can dream, right?


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