Bold Brows on a Budget

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows. On the one hand, they are very low maintenance. On the other, they are so sparse that sometimes I wonder why they even bother showing up at all. 😉  In the past I have filled them in with an E.L.F. eyeshadow that is close to my hair colour, which has worked great except for when the shadow wears away unevenly making my brows look even patchier than they are normally.

Enter Revlon’s Brow Fantasy Duo. This product is a two-in-one brow pencil + gel that shapes and sets your brows for the whole day. No more worrying about patchy brows!

Bold Brows on a Budget

Bold Brows on a Budget

The pencil is super creamy, making it easy to add in colour where you are lacking. I first purchased Brunette, thinking it would be closest to my hair colour, but it’s a bit too warm for me, so I’ve switched over to Dark Brown, which is a perfect match. And at CA$10 each I didn’t mind splurging for the second one at all.

The gel is a bit difficult to wield as the spoolly grabs a ton of product, but once I realized I just needed to wipe some of that product off on the side of the container, I was good to go. Brows shaped and sealed!

Bold Brows on a Budget

Swatches of the pencil, followed by the gel in both Brunette and Dark Brown.

This brow duo is so perfect for those of us on a budget who dream of bold brows, but can’t achieve it without a little help. What do you use when you need a little help in the brow department?

– Jodi
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