Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Dress

Where do I even begin with this post? For so many women, the wedding dress is the most exciting – and most daunting – aspect of the pre-wedding day planning. With so many different styles, price points and sometimes colours, how on earth do you find the dress? Well, of course you’re going to need to do research – whether that be trying on half a million dresses or scouring Pinterest and bridal magazines for weeks or a combination of both. With reality TV like Say Yes to the Dress this step is easy and tons of fun. I know before finding my dress I spent hours researching, pinning and reading like a crazy person.

Wedding Wednesday | The Wedding Dress

Images from Pinterest

Budget was my biggest concern. Dylan and I were both students so we didn’t exactly have a lot of money to throw around. We decided to keep the expenses below $10,000 which ended up being very doable with the simple outdoor wedding we wanted. However at the time that I was dress hunting, it was the biggest source of my stress. I had no idea where to start looking for one thing. I mean, Pinterest was on thing, but where do you buy your dress after that? Fancier boutiques were out of the question – they all wanted far too much of my wedding budget. So I went to David’s Bridal, which I kept seeing crop up on Pinterest.

I had an amazing experience with the David’s Bridal I went to in South Edmonton Common. My mom, sister and Maid of Honour came with me and we were made to feel right at home. Before my appointment, I was given a tablet that held images of the different styles of dresses which the consultant would use to help me find my dress. I already knew that I wanted a simple, strapless wedding dress, though beyond that I wasn’t sure. So I picked out the ones I liked and waited. for the trying dresses part.

I admit that I didn’t enjoy this part of the process very much, though I know many brides love it. I don’t like parading around in front of people and very much prefer to keep my clothing buying process to myself, but this was different. I don’t remember how many dresses I tried on exactly, but it wasn’t many before I had found my dress.

Strapless Wedding Dress

Photo by Amy Reber

Personally, I was relieved when this step was out of the way. Part of me had been wondering if I should go for a simple white sundress, but finding my dress took all of those doubts away. Keeping the dress a secret from Dylan was excruciating and I didn’t last very long before I had shown him pictures of the dress. First it was a dress on the model from the website, but once I actually had the dress in my possession I caved and showed it off to him. Who needs traditions, right? 😉

Strapless Wedding Dress

Photo by Amy Reber

Dang, we looked good!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Dress

  1. Awww! I love the black sash! I was the ANTI-BRIDE. I worked in the bridal industry for 10 years and I think after having dealt with weddings, frantic brides and sometimes emotional couples in general, when my turn came around, I was almost jaded. My dress was a mint green cocktail dress from BCBG that I have already worn twice 🙂 I do still enjoy perusing wedding dresses, but I was so tired of weddings by the time I was engaged that my friends had to make all the appts for me because I just didn’t feel like trying stuff on!

    • Thanks! It was actually dark navy blue, but it definitely looked black in most light, haha!

      I can totally understand that! I actually thought I wanted a tea-length dress for a while but in the end it just didn’t feel right. I definitely wish I could wear my dress again though!

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