Steal the Look with Wet’n’Wild + Giveaway! (Closed)

Steal the Look with Canadian Beauty Bloggers

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Ever see a makeup look that you absolutely love, but have no idea what products to use to replicate it? Well Wet’n’Wild has just the thing for you – their new Steal the Look app! The app suggests products from Wet’n’Wild’s line that will help you to create any look and well…it’s actually really fun to play around with. I was so excited to be contacted by Wet’n’Wild via the Canadian Beauty Bloggers to help promote the new app – I mean, I love their eyeshadows so much, so getting to play with more of their makeup? Yes please.

So after scouring Pinterest and playing with the app for a while, I settled on a Halloween-ish eye that immediately excited me. (Though it was too bad that there wasn’t a full face shot so that I could steal the lip colour too.)

Steal the Look

The Steal the Look app is available for both Android and Apple products and can be downloaded for free from StealAnyLook. This is such a great tool for makeup novices who are looking to emulate any look – whether that be from the pages of a magazine or an image from the internet. You can choose your photo both from your phone’s camera roll or by taking a new picture, which makes it handy for on-the-go inspiration.

After selecting your photo, a screen prompts you to pick your lipstick shade from the photo. Because my source material only shows the eyes I skipped this screen, which is a feature I am very glad Wet’n’Wild added into the Steal the Look app! The next two screens prompt you to choose your eye shadow colours from the photo, which can be quite finicky. I found zooming into the photo was the best way to get the true colours, but I think it’d be easier with a simpler eye look.

Steal the Look

Once you have chosen your colours, the app shows your choices so that you can tweak before it finds the products that you need for your look. After you hit “next” you are asked to choose your skin tone from four defaults. I was a bit disappointed that there were only four skin tone choices, but I understand that it would be hard to have everyone’s skin colour in one app. Especially considering this feature doesn’t seem to alter your results at all, only the model you are given on the end screen. This screen is where you find out what Wet’n’Wild products you are going to need if you want to Steal the Look which is handy!

Steal the Look

I love the idea of picking the colours from a photo and having the Steal the Look app tell you which Wet’n’Wild products to buy in order to Steal the Look, but in practice I found it difficult to grab the colours precisely. It took a bit of fiddling, but once I got something that was close to the shade I was looking for (often helped with the brightness slider under the photo) the rest of my experience with the app was positive. I have found myself scouring Pinterest for fun photos to use in the app late at night, rather than my usual Twitter and Instagram browsing.

I didn’t have all of the products that the Steal the Look app recommended for me, so I improvised a bit and used:

  • Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in The Naked Truth
  • Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Don’t Steal My Thunder
  • Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Art in the Streets
  • Mega Impact Mascara in Very Black
  • Mega Slick Lip Gloss in Sweet Glaze

Steal the Look

Note: I added The Naked Truth to add some warmth around the edges of the black crease as you can see in the reference photo.

This look actually took me a very long time to create. Usually I can do my makeup in under half an hour, but I spent over an hour prodding at my eyelids to get this one to a place that I was happy with. This is my final look!

Steal the Look

Steal the Look

What do you think? Did I successfully Steal the Look?

And now…the part you’ve all been waiting for…*drum roll*

The Giveaway!

*cue cheers, applause*

How Do I Enter?

  • Download the app and “steal a look”
  • Post the results from the app (it can be as simple as a screen cap) on an social media site using the hash tag #CBBStealTheLook and fill out the Rafflecopter form below!
  • Sorry, this giveaway is open to Canadians only

PRIZES: 1 eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and lipgloss that will help you to Steal the Look.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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