Fall Trends: Rave

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

And we’re back with the Fall Trends series! Taking a little break from this series was definitely good for my inspiration, I am so excited to share this look with you!

I honestly had no idea what to do for the rave trend until I talked to my husband a bit. He loves to spend time on Reddit so he has come across some girls that post their rave looks and he sent some to me for inspiration. Wow do these ravers ever love their neons! If I had the Urban Decay Electric palette I would’ve been right at home. I don’t have it (though after playing with these colours I find myself longing for it) and I wanted to make my look a little more wearable anyway, so maybe that was for the best. 😉

Fall Trends: Rave

I am so in love with this look! I think it would look stunning with some doe-y fake eyelashes as well. For my rave-inspired look I did my standard base of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum followed by Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer to cover up the dark circles and blemishes. I used the tiniest bit of The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer on my cheeks before diving right into my eyes.

Fall Trends: Rave

For my eyes I used what is probably Wet’n’Wild’s version of the Electric palette – the Poster Child Eyeshadow Collection*. I used three colours for this look – the dark pink crease shade all the way up to my brow bone, the yellow brow bone shade beneath my eyes and the lightest pink brow bone shade to highlight the brow bone a bit. I really packed on the pigment of both the yellow and dark pink for this look because I wanted it very bright and to pop off of my eyes.

After I was happy with eyeshadow I did a thin line with Rimmel’s Black Scandaleyes Eyeliner as close to my eyelashes as I could manage, then layered on Wet’n’Wild’s Mega Impact Mascara which I unfortunately had an allergic reaction to so I don’t think I’ll be using it again. I am super sad because I love the formula and the brush! It really packs on the volume and the length while keeping your lashes clump-free. I am pretty grumpy at my eyes for starting to get sensitive, let me tell ya…

I admit that I was at a bit of a loss when it comes to deciding what I wanted to do with my lips. I knew I wanted the eyeshadow to pop more than the lips, but I also knew that I wanted something pink-ish…so this is what I decided to go with. I think I should’ve done a lighter layer of Wet’n’Wild’s Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink so it wasn’t so BAM in your face, but I am pretty happy with it regardless. I especially love the tint of frostiness that Wet’n’Wild’s Mega Slicks Lipgloss in Sinless added.

Fall Trends: Rave

I feel like this palette and this look have opened my eyes up to a whole new world of coloured eye looks. I never would have been brave enough to try these kinds of looks if it wasn’t for this Fall Trends series and Wet’N’Wild’s Steal the Look app!

BTW – Natalie from Ivory Avenue just posted her take on this trend. Go check it out!



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