REVIEW: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum

I have been using the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Serum for a few weeks now (as apparent in my recent morning skin care routine post) and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

Review: The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Serum

This is the first serum I have ever tried so I don’t have a ton of experience in that regard, but The Body Shop claims that this product “helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.” (From The Body Shop’s website) After a quick perusal of the reviews on their website, I see that people were seeing less visible pores, smoothed fine lines and smoother skin in general as quickly as after the third use, but I haven’t seen that much of a difference so far.

Granted, most skin care does take about a month to really show it’s full range of benefits, so I remain hopeful for the Drops of Youth Serum to really wow me, but as of yet…meh. I mean I have noticed that my acne scars have been going away a bit faster, but other than that I haven’t noticed a difference. I do remain hopeful that this will keep improving my skin – I will keep you updated!

My biggest issue with the Drops of Youth serum is the packaging. It looks great – you get a glass bottle with a green wrap around that is pretty standard for The Body Shop, but the white plastic cap is what is disappointing me. The product is dispensed via a glass dropper that is fairly typical to this kind of product. However, the Drops of Youth serum is either too thick for the dropper to suck it up or the plunger bit isn’t strong enough because I always have an issue getting enough (or sometimes any product at all) out. What usually works better for me is to scrape what is on the side of the eye dropper onto my hand, which isn’t exactly hygienic. Considering the price ($36 CND for 30 ml) I expected more on the packaging side of things.

Review: The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Serum

Once I have the product, application is quite easy. I apply the Drops of Youth serum the same way I apply my facial oil – by patting it onto my skin and neck once I have some in my hand. I have noticed that the serum is a bit sticky on the skin even after absorption, but once you add a moisturizer (or facial oil in my case) the stickiness disappears.

Review: The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Serum

All in all I think I would give the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Serum an 7.5/10, but hopefully that can raise up a few points in the coming months when my pores disappear. 😉


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