Big October Haul

After the heaviness of my last post I wanted to do a haul to lighten the mood a bit. I definitely wasn’t successful at No Buy October, though I was very good for the first half of the month! Everything went downhill when I bought the First Aid Beauty eye cream that I featured in my Evening Skincare routine post. It was a small purchase, which is why I thought it was okay…but then opened the floodgates and, well…I went a bit crazy.

(EDIT: I realize I forgot to include the eyelashes, mousse and nail polishes in the photos…this is what I get for deciding to post this last minute.)

Big October Haul



NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk This has been a long time coming for me, makeup-wise and though I bought for a specific thing I don’t want to talk about yet, I am already really enjoying using it as an eyeshadow base.

e.l.f. Studio Crease Brush Target also had a rather enormous e.l.f. endcap on display last time I went there, so I picked up this brush. I meant to grab one of their new blending brushes, but I grabbed this one instead. I like these brushes anyway so, ehhhh.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Waterproof Eyeliner My Eyeko eyeliner is starting to get a bit dry so I thought I would try a drugstore one. It is definitely not as opaque as the Eyeko one and I haven’t given it a real test yet, but I think I’m going to like it.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in 007 Gossip Girl I really like this eyeshadow, surprisingly enough. After I did my Green Eyeshadow look I had a huge hankering for more green eyeshadow and my life and this has satisfied that at least for now. It’s super creamy and works well for an all over the lid colour, and I imagine this formula would be great in more neutral shades for an easy nude eye.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Single in Royalty The green eyeshadow thing gave me a need for more colours in my eyeshadow collection so I picked up this Annabelle eyeshadow. I have to say that I am pretty disappointed – the eyeshadow is really chalky and isn’t very pigmented, so I’m not sure how much I’m going to end up using it. It’s a shame because I love Annabelle’s lip products!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection by Julianne in 620 Julianne’s Nude I have already raved about this in it’s own review, but I will say that I really haven’t stopped wearing this all month.

Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Jet and Tangerine I bought these last minute when I want to go pick up candy for trick-or-treaters on the 30th (though none ended up coming so we have all the candy now). I really like Joe polishes and these really put me in a festive mood.

L’Oreal Voluminous Power 24H Mascara in Black This was in the clearance cart at Superstore last week for $2 so I picked it up. I love how much volume it gives my lashes! It’s just like BAM!

Ardelle Eyelash Trio This was also in that clearance cart and I figured that $1 clearance lashes were the best way to try out fake eyelashes.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans in Razzleberry and Burlesque I haven’t received these items yet (damn you customs!) but I am so stoked!

Medium Z-Palette in Black I also haven’t received this yet (it’s in the same package as the MG eyeshadows), but I’m reallly excited to have a z-palette so I can depot some of my makeup.

Big October Haul


Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing Souffle (aka Volumizing Mousse. Souffle? Really?) I needed a volumizing mousse and I’ve been intrigued about the Naked line. I’ve only used this once but I really love the scent – it’s almost coconuty.

NuMe Lustrum Styling Set This is still on it’s way but there was a huuuuuuge sale and I couldn’t walk away. I hope this is as good as I’ve heard!

Big October Haul


LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb I went a little crazy with bath bombs and candles last time I was in the mall and every time I get bath stuff from LUSH I pick up Butterball. It is my fave and Butterbear was all sold out, so I grabbed this one.

LUSH The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar Is it sad if I picked up most of my bath products because they were cute? Cus I did. This hedgehog is so adorable that I couldn’t not get one.

LUSH The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (See above)

LUSH Father Christmas Bath Bomb What is more festive than Santa? He looks so jolly that I figured he would be a perfect way to help me get in a festive mood.

LUSH The Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt I love bath melts and I couldn’t say no to this little snowman. Really I picked up anything that was cute and Christmasy. It’s my weakness!

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Mint 3-Wick Candle I’ve included this in “Bath & Body” because why not? Candles are good for the soul, which is part of the body…kinda…and I love having a candle in that bath so… haha but seriously, I love how fresh this smells. I admit that this one was definitely a purchase inspired by my husband, who loves these kinds of fresh outdoors-y scents.

Bath & Body Works Blackberry Bramble Tea 3-Wick Candle I also fell in love with this one. Blackberries, who knew? I picked this over apple scents. And apple is one of my favourite scents! It’s also got just enough spiceyness to it that it still feels like fall, which might be why I put it in my basket.



October Clothing Haul

Ricki’s Hooded Cotton Anorak in Grey (though it looks more brown) I desperately needed a good transitional coat for fall/winter because it rains here a lot. This isn’t incredibly waterproof (it’s made of a canvas-like material) but it keeps me warm and the water doesn’t soak me immediately like it would with other jackets I own.

Joe Fresh Mixed Material Tee I loooooove this t-shirt. It’s really simple in theory – all black with the front longer than the back, but because the sleeves are a pleather-like material it makes it super interesting. I was definitely inspired by Fleur de Force with this purchase.

Joe Fresh Cat Sleep Tee I. Love. This. Shirt. It’s meant to by a PJ shirt, but I totally wear it out and about. I like to think it’s my cat Shadow (who lives at my parents farm in Alberta) and it makes me so happy…like there’s a little bit of him here with me!

Joe Fresh Classic Shaker Knit Sweater I have yet to wear this since purchasing it but I do really love it! It looks sooo cozy and it’s super soft, so this is going to be a great chilly weather sweater.

Joe Fresh Ultra Slim Python Jean in Black I was the last person I thought would ever own something that had a snakeskin pattern in clothing, but this is so subtle that I really love it! It just gives the jeans (which feel more like leggings tbh) a bit of a kick that I love. (And so does Korra’s hair…I can’t wear them without being instantly covered!)

Women’s Nancy Winter Boot in Tan I needed some waterproof boots and these are knock offs of the ones from L L Bean that I wanted soooooo they became mine.

Oh man, that’s finally it. Okay, I’m not buying anything again for a while…I spent far too much money last month, haha. So, that being said I am going to ATTEMPT a No Buy again this month with the following rules:

  • No hair products, nail polish or makeup unless I run out of something that I don’t have a replacement for.
  • I am allowed to buy ONE holiday set during the VIB sale at Sephora. That is it. And then no more makeup unless again, I run out of something that I don’t have a replacement for.
  • I am also on a clothes ban unless it is something essential like all of my socks get eaten by the dryer or something.
  • Christmas presents are the exception to all of these rules.

Now let’s see how this month goes, hmm?


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