The Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Ugly Christmas Sweater 1

I have been searching for the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater for years. I wanted – nay, needed – an obnoxious (but cute) Christmas themed sweater that was actually thick enough to provide some warmth during the frigid Canadian winters, but didn’t make me look like a box. Well, my friends…Bluenotes delivered this year. They have a whole range of obnoxious sweaters to choose from – some with bells that yes, actually jingle, others with Santa Claus, and others still that are Elf-themed. I happened to go in when these glorious glorious sweaters were buy on get one half off so I picked up two of these beautiful, warm, huggable sweaters.

Okay…enough with the overuse of adjectives – but can you tell how excited I am??? #Christmas

The Ugly Christmas Sweater 2

The one that first caught my eye was this adorable reindeer. I mean – it’s not even ugly, it’s just cute as fuck. I particularly love the back, which shows the back of the reindeer. Hee! I am going to be getting so much use out of this. Cold? Reindeer sweater. Going to work? Reindeer sweater. Christmas? Reindeer sweater. Any day at all? Reindeer sweater.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater 3

The next Ugly Christmas sweater I am a bit uncertain of. I chose it because it’s a little more wearable into January and February but I made the mistake of not trying it on. I thought hey, the reindeer one is great, this will be fine. But it is preeetty boxy, so I think I might exchange it for a smaller size or maybe that Santa one I mentioned earlier…

But despite the cut, I do love the print. It is, once again, reindeer, and it is just so coooooozy. I almost want it to snow so I can wear this without sweating. Wait, no. No I don’t. I can’t believe I just wrote that. No snow!

Do you have an Ugly Christmas Sweater? I want to hear all about in the comments!

(PS: Welcome to the official start of CHRISTMAS on Up the Rollercoaster!)


21 thoughts on “The Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. These are the BEST! I haven’t shopped at Bluenotes in forever – I don’t think we even have them in Quebec… I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater, but I do just have a Christmas sweater with a pretty boring print – it’s actually a mens shirt…

    • I hadn’t shopped at Bluenotes before this, but my husband pointed out the Christmas sweaters and I snapped them up so fast.

      And hey, any Christmas sweater is good enough for me! Besides, you could always jazz it up with those crazy Christmas lights necklace that elementary school teachers always seemed to have (at least in my school). 😉

  2. I love the second one! So cute! I always find it funny that they’re called ugly Christmas sweaters cause I would totally wear them all season. 😉 maybe I just like ugly things haha. But anyways I’m gonna hit up bluenotes to get one. 😉

  3. I love them!! I have been trying to find an ‘ugly’ Christmas jumper for years…they are always sold out by the time I make it to the shops 😦 your two choices are the perfect amount of cute and ugly lol…oh and sadly we have gotten the dreaded snow fall here in Winnipeg 😦 winter has shown its face and it’s not going away for along time. I need to find a winter activity that I enjoy that makes it less depressing haha.

    xx Amber

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