CBB Guest Post: Snowflake Nails with Sarah!

Hello, I’m Sarah from Workaday Ramblings. This month is all about blue and silver, and I thought I would share some snowflake nails today as I take over Jodi’s blog.

I know, it feels too early for snow. That is especially true since I’m located in BC, and so get very little snow. I am originally from Ontario though, so I’m quite familiar with the white stuff. I much prefer it on my nails than in my driveway though.

Blue and Silver Snowflakes 1


One of the easiest ways to do nail art is by stamping. It does take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can really intricate looks without a lot of effort. I decided to go with a bright blue background with delicate silver snowflakes.

Blue and Silver Snowflakes 2

I started with two coats of Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Blue My Mind. This is a bright blue that applies really nicely.

I stamped a snowflake pattern with Bundle Monster BM-223 stamp using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Pumping Iron. It stamps well, it just looks really light, which gives it a really delicate feel.

Blue and Silver Snowflakes products

The end look is a fun and bright delicate snowflake pattern. I find the brightness of the blue is a great way to combat a grey BC winter, and it lets me enjoy snow without the effort or cold that comes with the real stuff.

Thanks, Jodi, for letting me take over today.

Thanks so much to Sarah for sending this over to me! Stamping is a little bit terrifying to me, not going to lie, but the end effect of this look is simply gorgeous!



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