The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Hello friends and welcome to part one of my Gift Guide series! I will be posting these weekly for about a month – I hope you find these as fun as I do! I have compiled a list of some of my favourite giftable items (or products I’m lusting over myself) that are ideal for stockings! I love finding fun things to put into loved ones stockings, so this one was particularly fun for me. Everything in this gift guide is under $25 so it is ideal for the stocking!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Orta Nail Polish: I haven’t tried the Rimmel polishes myself but I have only heard rave reviews and because they run around the $3 mark you could fill the stocking with polishes!

Maybelline Color Tattoos: If you have read my recent review of the Color Tattoos, you will know that these are one of my favourite makeup items ever. They are just so fuss-free and easy to apply that they are great for any woman on your list – makeup lover or not!

Hemp Manicure & Moisture Duo: This is the most expensive item on the list running at $25 on The Body Shop’s website, but the Body Shop has so many sales that you could easily pick this up for cheaper. This hand lotion is my all time favourite lotion – there is a ridiculous amount of moisture punch in that tube!

Bob the Polar Bear Bath Sponge: How could I not include this? Look at how cute Bob is!

Melting Snowman Bubble Bar: I recently purchased this for myself and used the head in a bath the other day (poor snowman) and I can say that this cute bubble bar is definitely worth popping into LUSH for! He gives a great amount of bubbles and is just so seasonal appropriate…how can you say no?

Sephora Collection VIP Pass Eyeshadow Palette: Nude eyeshadow palettes are so universal that you really can’t go wrong here, especially for $11!

Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm: I haven’t tried this, but strawberry flavoured + lip balm + that adorable packaging? You really can’t go wrong!

Butterbear Bath Bomb: The Butterball bath bomb is my all time favourite bath bomb from LUSH and the fact that they’ve created an adorable bear with the same formula couldn’t make me happier. Unfortunately every time I’ve popped into LUSH they’ve been sold out, so I haven’t been able to enjoy this one yet, but trust me – the formula is divine. Hydrating, vanilla scented, and BUBBLES.

Add in a couple of pairs of fuzzy socks, some candy and I think this is the ideal stocking for any beauty lover! What are you hoping for in your stocking this year?


6 thoughts on “The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

  1. Great gift guide…I’d be happy with any of those goodies. The butterbear bath bomb is so cute, I wouldn’t want to use him lol

    x amber

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