The Sunday Post #2

The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

It is a bright, sunny day here in Halifax today, though I haven’t stepped outdoors yet. I’ve been really enjoying having a lazy weekend after a busy week of work that left me super drained and with a hint of the sniffles. I am determined to chase them away with lots of sleep and tea this weekend – so far so good!

I honestly couldn’t wait for the weekend. The week was both so slow and so fast at the same time that I’m not really sure where the week went. I don’t have anything fun to report, either – at least other than a naughty stop in Sephora. I was so very drained after each day of work that I pretty much came home and collapsed on the couch or into bed. I’m looking forward to my body adjusting to this being-on-my-feet all day thing!

But enough complaining from me. I am actually really really loving work – my coworkers are just lovely and the customers are (for the most part) very cheery and lovely. I love to chat a bit with people as I’m ringing through their transaction or helping them find Christmas presents, it’s really nice to be able to connect with folks! There was one lady in particular this last week that I really connected with. She was buying men’s joggers for her husband, who is in long term care. Apparently all of his pants had been stolen! I was so angry for her – this lovely woman was so visually upset about it all that I just wanted to walk around the counter and give her the biggest of hugs. I couldn’t help but put myself in her shoes – my Grandma was in long term care for a while with her Alzheimer’s before she passed away last year and if that had happened to her I just would have been so angry. In lieu of hugging her, I tried to make her shopping experience as painless as possible and when she came back later to get different sizes of the pants she mentioned to one of my supervisors how she appreciated me and the other cashier being so friendly and understanding. I’m so glad that I was able to make a little bit of a difference in her other wise really awful day. I truly hope her week got better after that.

On the anxiety front, working at American Eagle has been so good for me. I have felt so normal since starting work and I haven’t had an anxiety attack since the first training day. (And even then it was super minor.) I just…I don’t quite know how to put into words how amazing it feels to feel like a normal person instead of an anxious mess all the time. I had honestly forgotten how it felt and I am amazed at how much my anxiety affects my state of mind. I have been so much more cheerful since starting work, quicker to smile and laugh. I feel like the old Jodi before anxiety really struck. It’s such a wonderful feeling, y’all. I wish I could explain just how light my heart feels while I’m writing this.

I hope all of your weeks were as good as mine. What is the best thing that happened to you this week? I’d love to hear about it – no matter how big or small!


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #2

  1. Hmm, best thing that happened to me all week. I’ve had a pretty stressful early part of the week, but yesterday was good! I played Dragon Age and hung out with the dogs pretty much all day (like… 6 hours, haha) and then went to see Mockingjay with Aaron. He also made me a slightly late but totally delicious birthday cake on Tuesday. 😀 We have also almost finished watching Book 1 of Legend of Korra!

      • Pound cake! My request, he makes a really good one. This is my third time through Book 1 of Korra, ha, but Aaron’s first. We just finished Avatar last week and he likes Korra A LOT, more than Avatar he says. So we are enjoying it. 😀 I got behind on book 4 when I went to Georgia, I’ve still only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes but I think I’m going to wait and watch them with him, shouldn’t take us too long to finish the first 3 books.

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