Review: David’s Tea Advent Calendar Week 1

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

A few weeks ago my amazing sister-in-law Chantelle sent Dylan and I the David’s Tea advent calendar. She somehow managed to grab one online before they sold out and I am so glad she did!

It hasn’t exactly been a week since I started this delightful advent calendar, but I really wanted to keep you guys updated with my and Dylan’s tea adventures this month! I have been posting teeny reviews on Instagram, but who doesn’t want to read more about tea? (I hope you do.)

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Day 1 – Forever Nuts Black Tea

We got this tea as a sample with the advent calendar, so when I opened up the window and saw Forever Nuts I was stoked. This is a herbal tea that smells like pralines or maybe pie. I honestly wanted to just eat the tea leaves but I have a feeling that would be really gross. So we steeped it and mmmmm. Guys, this might be my new favourite David’s Tea flavour. It’s so delightfully wintery too. Basically it’s the perfect advent calendar tea. Go David’s Tea!

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Day 2 – Organic Vanilla Chai Black Tea

I love chai lattes, but chai tea on it’s own isn’t my favourite. There’s something of the creaminess of the milk that adds so much dimension to the flavour! However, I wanted to try this is a tea rather than a latte so that the reviewing playing field would be fair and I have to report that I really loved the tea! The vanilla in the chai just adds a little somethin somethin that makes it ahmazing. I’m very excited to try this as a latte as well.

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Day 3 – Quangzhou Milk Oolong Tea

I have never had oolong tea before and I have to say that I very much enjoyed this! It’s a very light tea if that makes any sense – it isn’t a big wham of flavour in your face, it’s super subtle. I’m used to tons of flavour from David’s Te so this is a really refreshing change. I can also tell why it’s a “milk” oolong, it’s got just a hint of creaminess that makes it that much tastier. I don’t think this is a tea that I would drink on the daily, but it will certainly be a nice occasional tea.

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Day 4 – Pink Flamingo Herbal Tea

Peachy fuschia in colour, with a lemony-orange overtone in taste, Pink flamingo isn’t not my usual sort of tea. I really like the more nutty, vanilla-ish tastes – but I can definitely see myself reaching for this if I’ve got a cold or when it starts to really get frigid in Halifax.

David's Tea 25 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Day 5 – Detox (Organic) Rooibos Tea

This isn’t a new tea for me, it’s actually an old favourite. It’s super gentle on the tummy – I really like to drink it and Le Digestif when I’ve got an upset stomach – and it’s really tasty. It tastes like a mixture between Cold 911 and Pink Flamingo – lemony with some ginger that helps the tummy. I’m definitely glad to have some more of this one as I was running low!

I am super happy with the tea selections for the first five days and I look forward to continuing to sample and share with you for the rest of the month!

Do you have an advent calendar? Let me know what yours is filled with in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Review: David’s Tea Advent Calendar Week 1

  1. I have read other David’s Tea fans with the advent calendars report that they enjoyed the Pink Flamingo more as an iced tea. I am a bit disappointed you didn’t have a shot of the pink color for us though. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s been pretty excellent! Though I have to say it’s been tough to actually find time to drink tea every day…Coffee is for the mornings and sometimes by the time I get home from work it’s too late for caffeinated tea, so it’s been difficult! But a fun challenge, none-the-less 🙂

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