The Sunday Post 4

As of today Dylan and I have been married for seven months. How crazy is that?? Tomorrow is also our three year anniversary of being a couple, which is even more crazy. It feels like forever and no time at all at the same time.

The Sunday Post

In Kenora, ON in July. I was sick as hell this day, but it was so beautiful outside that I had to take a cute picture of the two of us. I would love to go back there some day, it is such a beautiful place!

I have been feeling a bit drained when it comes to the blog lately. Maybe drained isn’t the right word – uninspired. It’s been a real struggle to get posts out (as you can probably tell) as I have just been so exhausted when I get home from work. The whole being “on” for hours whilst at work has really drained me! I was also sick this week – exhaustion + the cold wind I think really took its toll on me and I ended up in bed all day Tuesday, barely able to lift my head, let alone do anything else. But I am feeling so much better now, so hopefully whatever bug that was is gone gone gone.

I am actually starting to get really worried about my job situation because I was only hired until January 1 and the store only has one spot available for someone to stay on. The spot is between me and another girl who I really love and honestly think that she is better at a lot of the requirements than I am. (At getting people to sign up for the rewards card, for instance.) I mean, I am really good at interacting with customers and all that, but I’m not so good at selling yet (I don’t know the product well enough) so I don’t know. It’s stressing me out! I hate uncertainty, bah.

BUT I am almost done Christmas shopping! I have a little bit more to get Dylan for stocking stuffers and then I have something for my mom that I’m making which I’m super duper excited about. I hope she likes it! I’ll probably share it after Christmas so that the surprise isn’t spoiled.

Speaking of Christmas, I think I might take a few days off blogging around Christmas – probably about the Monday before to the Saturday after. Nothing is set in stone yet, but work is probably going to be insane and it’ll be nice to spend all of my spare time with Dylan and Korra. And hopefully skypeing the famjam in Alberta.

How was your week, lovelies?


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Post 4

  1. Awe congrats on both your anniversaries 🙂 that’s so exciting! I hear ya on the inspiration part, I’m regretting starting blogmas as I’m already running out of ideas and same here with work, it’s exhausting working all day then trying to create an inspiring blog post 😦 but I really enjoy the content you produce so don’t be to hard on your self. And I really hope you are given the permanent job come January!

    Xx amber

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating. I wish you all the best for your job as well. Honestly, just keep your head up and try your best. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will have gained skills that you can apply to other endeavours! 🙂

  3. Yayy I can’t believe it’s been 7 month already! I remember reading your pre-wedding posts 🙂 Don’t stress about work, I’m sure you are doing a great job! And if you end up leaving you’ll find something new I’m sure of it! xoxox

  4. Aah congratulations! So exciting

    And I totally get what you mean about feeling uninspired. I’ve started working 5 days a week 9-6 in October, and it takes so much out of you. I ended up taking a break from blogging because I just didn’t have the energy to come home from work and put up a post. The break really helped re-inspire me though!

    And good-luck on the job front, I’m sure its stressful but hopefully it work out

    Lauren |

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