Review: KISS Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy. We all know that when it comes to hair I suck. I mean, I got it to look good with some texture once when I took the photo that’s my blog image, but other than that? I’m a straight haired kind of girl. And this is after investing in a NUME wand but being too intimidated to test it out. (sigh.)

So I was SO EXCITED to test out the KISS Hair Instawave Automatic Curler thanks to Brandbacker and KISS Hair. SO EXCITED. Beyond excited. I mean, they said that any hair length could use it, it is supposed to be automatic and tangle-free so it’s basically dummy proof, right? You just hit the direction switch and go, yeah? With two heat settings and an auto-shut off after 90 minutes you can’t really go wrong. Would even I be able to curl my hair??

Short answer: It’s complicated.

But let me take you through the long, winding road of my and the KISS Hair Instawave’s story. If this were a love story, I’m afraid I would be the Lily to it’s Snape. Or would I be Snape, because I wanted to so badly to love it? Anyway. I got the package in the mail and practically jumped up and down. I tried it out, with poor results and told myself I need to practice. But practicing didn’t make it better…

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

Me: I love you, Instawave.
Instawave: You can try to force your love on me all you want, I’m in love with another.
(That another? James Potter. Or maybe Sirius Black with all that hair? …I need to stop with the Harry Potter analogy, don’t I?)

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

I hopefully held the wand vertically, as they told me too. This seemed very important in the instructions as they emphasized it a lot.

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

I curled (ish) using the easy peasy direction button and waited with baited breath to see what would happen….c’mon Instawave…cuuuuurl! 

And pull it straight down (again, this was emphasized VERY STRONGLY in the directions…) and…

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

….da fuk is this? That’s not a curl. That’s not even a wave. That’s a … kink? And not the sexy kind.

So I let all of my hair down and tried a different side. Maybe it needed more hair to work with!

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

Hold it vertically. Wait 5-10 seconds. Pull straight down…

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

A CURL! (ish)

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

Okay, let’s try the rest of this side.

(Side note: My hair did not like being wrapped around those spikey wand parts. It kept slipping out and I actually had to hand wrap it a bunch. Short hair perk?)

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

Eh? I guess it kind of worked? I can see how this would work really well for long hair, but my hair length doesn’t seem to work so well.

Kiss Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

This is what happened when I did the rest of my head (minus the bangs, I had planned to braid them neatly into the wavy/curled hair but…that didn’t really work out.)

Sooo all in all, the KISS Hair Instawave isn’t for me. I’d hoped I could at least brush out the ish-curls to get some movement in my hair, but I just ended up with a weird lump on the sides of my head. Sigh. I think I’ll put this little guy away until my hair is longer.


14 thoughts on “Review: KISS Hair Instawave Automatic Curler

    • Thank you! 🙂 This was one of my absolute favourite posts to write and photograph because I decided not to take it too seriously. I definitely agree about the long-haired focus for the automatic curlers! Hopefully something for us shorter haired gals comes out soon.

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