Review: Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Polish in Sugar Fix

Sall Hanson Gel Miracle in Sugar Fix

Am I the last beauty blogger ever to try out the gel nail trend? I think I must be, but I finally bit the bullet and I understand the hype now!

I have such a difficult time with nail polish. I LOVE wearing it, but my nails do not like it and it ends up chipping off within two days no matter what I do. And then after I take it off my nails flake like nobodies business. Ay yiy yiy.

But this stuff…the Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Polish…this stuff I really like. I was already a fan of the Sally Hanson polishes anyway – I love the opacity and the brush, two swipes to cover a nail with little mess? Good with me! – so I really shouldn’t be surprised that I like their take on the gel-without-a-light-trend, but here I am.

I spent quite a while trying to decide which colour to get from the line – I didn’t want a colour similar to what I had, but wouldn’t something festive be best? In the end I went with the not-festive route and got this beautiful pastel blue shade called Sugar Fix. It’s definitely more a spring/summer colour (at least traditionally) but I don’t even care because daaaang is it gorgeous. I feel like my beauty horizons have just widened enormously – I used to be adamant that I could not wear pastels. Well I can wear this on my nails and I love it. Take that 2013 Jodi!

I just realized I’ve been so busy fangirling I haven’t told you why I love this polish other than preeeetty. So in a nutshell:

– it dries fast. Fast enough that even I didn’t smudge it
– the brush is the best I have discovered. It’s wide and rectangular so that you can cover your nails fast and easily without mess.
– the shade range is extensive and gorgeous!
– it doesn’t chip off of my nails in 24-48 hours! Wahoo! Seriously, most of my manicures last me for 48 hours tops before they are super duper chipped – this lasted five whole days! That’s like a month in Jodi’s nail land.

There is only one thing I don’t like about this polish: you have to buy a separate top coat. So I recommend you wait to buy this until it goes on sale. But after that you will be the happiest of all the polish lovers. (Unless you’ve already bought it, in which case shhhhh.)

What should I try next on the gel polish front?


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