Review: David’s Tea Advent Calendar Week 2

David's Tea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I finally caught up on my David’s Tea Advent Calendar this weekend so I’ve got a review for you! This week wasn’t as strong as last weeks, but it definitely had some tasty ones in there!

Day 6 – Coco Chai Rooibos Tea

As I said in last week’s review, I’m not the hugest fan of chai tea without a latte in the mix. The Vanilla Chai from week 1 surprised me, though and I really enjoyed it! This one I think I am going to have to reserve for latte’s. It is a tasty chai, don’t get me wrong – nice and spicy – but there isn’t anything super special about it. I do like that it isn’t caffeinated though! So if you’re looking for a decaf chai, definitely consider this one.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 7 – English Breakfast Black Tea

I know this is a “classic” tea but I am just not a fan of English Breakfast. Even with milk and sugar it’s just too bitter for me, so I think I’ll be leaving this one for my husband.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 8 – Cocomint Cream Fruit Infusion

I was so unsure of this tea when I sniffed it. At first I went “mmmm!” because of the coconut and then “hmmm?” because of the minty after-smell. (Is that a thing?) We tried this hot and I have to say that it is not a tasty tea hot – there’s just something about the coconut and the mint that don’t work well hot together. As Dylan said, “It just doesn’t know what it wants to be.” However I bet it is going to be amazing as an iced tea, so I can’t wait for summer!

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 9 – Genmaicha Green Tea

I was so excited when we opened up this tea! I love green tea and have been waiting for one to pop up! Unfortunately it took us quite a while to figure out how to open it up because it was suuuuper stuck. (We ended up wrapping rubber bands around the top and bottom and twisting, which worked for us!) I do have to say that I love that there are only two ingredients in this tea – green tea and roasted rice. I’m so used to seeing so many different flavours – natural and not – in David’s Tea products that the simplicity is refreshing. Now the actually tea is really strange – but strange in a good way!. The rice taste is really prevalent in the tea which seems to make the green tea even more woody than usual. It’s something both Dylan and I enjoy but it may not be for everyone.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 10 – Bubbie’s Baklava Oolong Tea

This tea is basically Christmas in a cup. It smells exactly like the Christmas aisles in Walmart, Target, etc. which has always been the pinnacle of Christmas scents for me. As for the taste, it doesn’t quite taste like Christmas (though that is a more complicated thing than the smell…what would Christmas taste like? Sugar cookies? Turkey? I dunno.) However, it is delicious. It reminds me a bit of a chai tea because of it’s spicyness but it’s got more of a sweetness to it thanks to the fruits in there. I think this might be my favourite tea of the week!

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 11 – Organic Mother’s Little Helper Fruit Infusion

Oh, this tea. This tea is taasty. It’s been on my mental must try list for a while so I’m so glad this was in the advent calendar! It’s really multidimensional for a herbal tea – chamomile and something I can’t place up front (valerian root maybe?) that softens into lemongress followed, lastly, by a soft hit of peppermint right at the end. Basically this tea has everything I love. AND it’s a beautiful reddish berry colour so that earns points in my book.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 12 – Creamy Caramel Rooibos Tea

Oh man, how do I describe this tea other than creamy and caramely? Because that is exactly what this tea is – creamy. Caramely. Wish that little tang of rooibos that is just so refreshing. Yep, I love this tea. Next time I have a sweet craving I am definitely going to try this little tea.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 13 – Read My Lips Black Tea

This is honestly the first chocolate tea I’ve ever tasted and I think it might be the last because it is SO GOOD. I don’t think I could have another because this one is just so tasty – it’s pretty much mint chocolate melted into a tea. Mmm. Though I do have to say that I think I liked yesterday’s tea a bit better purely for the refreshment factor.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 14 – Sugar Plum Fairy Fruit Infusion

As this tea was brewing I coudn’t get over how familiar the scent was and I couldn’t figure out why I was having a bad feeling about it…until I tasted it and it tasted exactly like cough syrup. This tea is not the one for me, I’m afraid. I need to go make myself Read My Lips just to get the taste out of my mouth…

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Have you tried any of these teas? What are your thoughts?


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