A DIY Christmas

A DIY Christmas

Moving across the country meant leaving most of our Christmas decorations behind. I was a bit distraught when I pulled out the few decorations we brought and remembered that all of the decorations that I had were in a box at my parents house – many of those decorations had a lot of sentimental value, and I hadn’t realized how much they meant to me before I didn’t have them. I knew being away from my family was going to be tough, but not having my decorations? That was a surprise.

So after a bit of a melt down, I decided it was time to make the best out of our pitiful supply of decorations and make some new ones.

DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees (pictured above)

Before we bought our tiny little tree, we weren’t planning on having an actual Christmas tree, so I decided to make a whole bunch of trees to decorate the apartment with. This was my first foray into the tree making and I didn’t get much further, but I love them! I used cardboard from Ikea boxes and cut out tree shapes, painted it up and decorated with construction paper. I think they turned out pretty nicely!

Golden Snitch

A few years ago I made some Golden Snitch ornaments that I actually did bring across the country with me.

A DIY Christmas

These guys are super easy to make, though time consuming. You will need:

– Gold Christmas balls – preferably ones that won’t break when your cat decides to play with them 😉
– Tissue paper
– Craft wire
– Hot Glue
– White Glue and a Paint Brush
– Glitter to apply to the wings (optional)

I don’t have step-by-step photo instructions for these because I did make them a while ago, but what I did was this:

  1. Draw a shape for the wings on a piece of paper that you can form your wire to. Once you have your shape, twist your wire closed (this is easiest with needlenose pliers, but you can do it by hand)
  2. Cut a piece of tissue paper that is a bit bigger than your wing. Wrap it around the wing and glue it down using your white glue and paint brush. Be gentle, it can break easily.
  3. Once dried, use hot glue to attach to ball.
  4. Apply glitter to the wings.

See? Not complicated at all. If you want more detailed instructions, I modified this tutorial.

Salt Dough Ornaments

A DIY Christmas

Salt dough ornaments are not exactly new in the Christmas decoration world. They are perfect for making with kids or if you want some cute, inexpensive ornaments for your tree. The recipe is super simple too!

  1. Half cup all purpose flour
  2. Half cup salt (Pro-tip: make sure you have salt, I didn’t…but they turned out anyway!)
  3. Water as needed

Combine your dry ingredients and add water as you need until your dough is playdough like – not sticky, but not dry. Then roll it out onto the counter (rolling pin optional) and make your shapes! I got tiny ones from Superstore that worked perfectly. Make sure to poke holes in the shapes so you can put string through them (I used a tooth pick) and then back at 200 F until they aren’t squishy. I opted not to paint ours seems as the colour scheme of the tree seemed to be red and gold and these fit perfectly into that.

Rustic Gold Balls

A DIY Christmas

These little balls are probably the easiest decoration I have ever made. I already had some of the little twig balls, which I picked up from Michaels, from a previous craft and literally spray painted them gold. Fastest Christmas decoration ever!

Wedding Invitation Bauble

A DIY Christmas

These guys are all over Pintrest – take an empty, plastic baubles (or in my case, one that was once filled with tinsel) and fill them with cut up pieces of left over wedding invitations. Mine ended up looking mostly white because it had so much white space, but it’s still such a nice little throwback to our wedding! I have a feeling I may end up taking the pieces of paper out a few times and adjusting the placement because I’m a perfectionist like that, but I’m happy with it at the moment.

Popsicle Snowflakes

A DIY Christmas

These snowflakes are so adorable! They’re super simple to make – literally glueing popsicle sticks together (though I used stir sticks). I then painted them white so that I could (hopefully) use them in future years, though the eded up being super fragile so they may not make it past this Christmas. I’m hoping to add some more small ones to make the wall feel a little more spectacular, but I’m pretty happy with it so far anyway!

Are you making any Christmas ornaments this year? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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