Review: David’s Tea Advent Calendar Week 3

David's Tea 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Happy Monday! I’m taking most of the week off of blogging for the holidays but I thought I would keep posting my Advent Calendar reviews so next weeks isn’t ridiculously long.

Day 15 – Buddha’s Blend White Tea

As soon as I saw that there was jasmine in this tea I had high hopes – Dylan and I just love jasmine tea. And it definitely didn’t disappoint! The hibiscus and the jasmine combine to make a delicious slightly fruity tea that is just heavenly.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 16 – Main Squeeze Mate

I love the inspiration behind the tea – orange juice but with the caffeine punch of a coffee. I like the caffeine punch, unfortunately I’m not so much a fan of the taste. It’s got a strange mixture of citrus and sweet that doesn’t really work for me, however I’m quite excited to test out more mate tea after this.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 17 – Organic Peppermint Amour

I was thrilled when Dylan opened up the window and Peppermint Amour was there! Peppermint is one of my absolute favourite kinds of tea and I really love the David’s tea version. It is easily one of the best Peppermint tea’s I’ve had – it’s unbelievable minty and soothing and it’s basically just perfection.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 18 – Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine Green Tea

I love a good green tea. Honestly, green tea is probably my favourite kind of tea – it’s light and refreshing with a more earthy, tastiness to it than white tea. This is again, one of the best Jasmine tea’s I’ve had – I will definitely be pulling this one out a lot during the coming months.

David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 19 – Cream of Earl Grey Black Tea

Dylan’s absolute fave tea is Earl Grey so I was pretty excited to pull this one out but honestly the cream just wrecks it. I can’t taste the Earl Grey at all – it just tastes like warm creaminess which is tasty, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not Earl Grey.


David's Tea Advent Calendar

Day 20 – Apple Custard Fruit Infusion

This is, as my husband would say, a “Jodi Tea” – it’s like the folks at Davids Tea made a tea just for me. This tea goes on a journey in your mouth – it starts off fruity with just a hint of spice and ends creamy. It’s not as good as Forever Nuts, but dang is it tasty!

David's Tea Advent Calendar

I feel like every other day was meh for me this week, but the days that were good were reaaaally good. I can’t believe there are only three days until Christmas. When did that happen?


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