The Sunday Post 6

Hello lovelies!

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve sat down to chat with you even though I have been putting up the David’s Tea posts. As I’m writing this Dylan is frying some pancakes, I’m drinking a cup of coffee and Korra is sitting next to me on the couch being all cute-like. So you could say it’s a pretty good Sunday so far!

The Sunday Post 6

Dylan and I on Boxing Day!

Christmas here was strange. It was so odd not being surrounded by family! We did Skype in with my family on Christmas day, Boxing Day and yesterday which was really nice, though I think it made me miss them even more. I really hope we can get back to Alberta for the holidays next year, but I don’t know how likely that will be. I’m crossing my fingers!

Dylan and I also made our first ever Christmas dinner! We decided to do a Christmas dinner pie (aka turkey pot pie) and it was sooooooooo tasty. Pot pies are definitely something that need to do once in a while because oh boy. Mmmm. I also made an apple pie that looked disappointing but tasted pretty darn delicious! I feel like we adulted super well this Christmas!

The Sunday Post 6

Korra was really enjoying her new cat tree on Boxing Day


I think my favourite part of this Christmas was probably my mom being so thrilled with her gift. I made her a calendar with photos of the whole family throughout the year and she just really loved it. It was also so nice to see my Grandma, who was really interested in how Skype worked! Of course just seeing my family in general was really wonderful and honestly that was the best gift I received (cheesy, I know!).

How were your holidays?


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