The Sunday Post 7

Good morning, friends!

This is what my Sunday looks like:

Korra has started to get more cuddly with me this week, which has been the best thing ever. This morning I was petting her and she pushed my arm onto the love seat and flopped down onto it. Basically it was the cutest thing ever. Except for the other morning when she actually curled up onto my lap!! She hadn’t done that before and it was only for about 30 seconds, but still!! Best.

I also started my new position as Part Time Stock Lead at American Eagle this week and it’s going so well. I am really loving it – it doesn’t have the stress of sales (I am really not a salesperson) and I get to organize while having a space that I am in charge of. It’s a good feeling.

Dylan and I also went and saw The Hobbit: Battle of Fives Armies last night and I was pretty underwhelmed. There were some great moments that I really wish they had expanded on and that there was less focus on the weird romance, but I digress. I really want the art book because wow the design was so pretty, yall. Gawgeous.

What was the highlight of your week?


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Post 7

  1. I’m convinced my cats get cuddlier in the winter purely to steal our body heat haha cheeky kittens!!! Glad your new position is going well, sounds a lot better than sales, I’m also not a great salesperson haha. I don’t even remember what I did this week not alone recall my highlights….but I guess going for a baby visit was pretty special 🙂

    Xx enjoy your weekend


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