Acne Busters: Andalou Naturals

Acne Busters: Andalou Naturals

When I wrote the first “Acne Busters” post I hadn’t intended for it to become a series, but with my constant battle over the spots on my face, it just makes sense. I bought this clarifying 30 day trial set from Andalou Naturals about a month ago and have been testing it out ever since. I’m not certain it was a fair trial over Christmas with all of the sugar from the holidays, but Andalou didn’t disappoint me!

Step 1: Cleansing Gel

Cleanser is something that I know almost immediately if I’m going to like or not. Sure it takes a few weeks for the whole skin care system to show its full benefits but it’s that first few uses that really sells me on a product. This cleanser from Andalou Naturals didn’t disappoint – the gel formula means that it will cut down on the oil production on my combo skin but it isn’t so stripping that my skin screams out for hydration after use.

Step 2: Exfoliating Peel

I really enjoy the exfoliating peels that I’ve used in the past (namely the Peter Thomas Roth one) but this one really underwhelmed me. It didn’t really do much in the exfoliating department for me so it ended up being a fairly useless step for me.

Step 3: Pure Pore Minimizer Toner

I first used this toner about a year ago now and while I loved it I wanted to try new things. Coming back to it now feels so right. This toner is pH balanced so that your skin doesn’t freak out after you cleanse it and it tingles slightly which I expect is the “pore minimizing” aspect of it, though I haven’t noticed my pores getting any smaller. I would prefer this product if it came with a spritzer rather so I didn’t have to use cotton pads but that’s such a minor thing. I actually started to dump a small amount of product into my hand to pat onto my face so that I use less of the product – and it’s better for the environment.

I’ve already ran out of this small bottle of toner and repurchased the full size from a local shop here in Halifax.

Step 4: Oil-Free Moisturizer (Day) and Recovery Cream (Night)

Both of these moisturizers pack a serious punch. I usually use an oil underneath night creams but since starting this routine I haven’t needed one as often – I’ve gone from nightly to once or twice a week. I have no dry patches this year and because both are oil free it doesn’t aggravate my acne. I don’t know how much the recovery cream “recovers” my skin – it claims to decrease acne scarring but I haven’t really seen much of a difference in that regard, but I really like the moisturizer other wise. It’s got a good punch of moisture that does help to recover the moisture lost from the stripping Maritime wind, though I think I will probably only repurchase one of these. Likely the day cream even if it doesn’t quite have as much of a moisture packing punch to it.

All in all I’m a pretty big fan of this clarifying system from Andalou Naturals. I won’t be repurchasing all of the products in this starter set but I am definitely going to find the cleanser and one of the moisturizers in addition to the toner that I’ve already repurchased. I can definitely see the difference in my skin texture – those tiny bumps under my skin are few and far between and while I still have breakouts (thanks, sugar) they disappear a lot faster now.

One thing I will warn you about is that for for the first few weeks my skin had a frenzy of new breakouts, but I definitely think that was the system pulling all the gunk out. I actually liked that a lot – it showed that it was working and it really was cleaning out those pores.

What’s your favourite way to get rid of unwanted spots?


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