The Sunday Post 8

The Sunday Post

Hello friends!

Korra and I are of a bit of a similar mind set today – peer out warily from inside our beds. I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed up sinuses so I have a feeling that my to-do list is going to be ignored and I’m going to be spending the day with a cup of tea and Netflix (or possible Yes Please by Amy Poehler…we’ll see!)

This week was pretty standard other than the announcement that Target is leaving Canada! I am super sad about it – I love Target, even if the distribution wasn’t very good. Everything is just so much nicer there than somewhere like Walmart – the design of stationary and clothing, the makeup selection, the homewares, the dollar section…I am going to miss it dearly once it goes.

How was your week, friends?

(PS – I have a guest post coming this week from Megan Joy – keep a look out for it! It’s a fun one!)


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