Review: Calgon Take Me Away Peppermint Marshmallow Hand Soap and Lotion Duo

Calgon Take Me Away: Peppermint Marshmallow

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

Hello friends! I’ve been under the weather this week but I wanted to share a quick review with you today regardless. I received the Calgon Take Me Away Peppermint Marshmallow Hand Soap and Lotion duo (boy, get a load of that name) about a month ago and have been really enjoying it since then as you can see in the photo. It lives next to my kitchen sink so that I can pop some of the lotion on after I’ve done dishes or so that we can use something other than dish soap to wash our hands in the kitchen. It’s been quite lovely and I think I’m pretty much converted to the hand soap and lotion by the sink idea.

If you’re like me you might be thinking “Peppermint marshmallow? Gross!” But it honestly isn’t! It’s a very light scent that isn’t too sweet or too minty; the peppermint and the marshmallow really balance each other out nicely. It’s actually really hard to describe because it’s such a unique combination, but it’s refreshing and sweet at the same time while being very gender neutral. (Not counting the pink packaging, of course.)

Actually, after having another sniff at the lotion it smells a bit like an amusement park – maybe the pink has got me thinking about cotton candy, but I’ll take it!

Hydration-wise the lotion is like a light kiss for the skin. That was a weird analogy…but I hope that it gets my point across! Basically it is peeeeerfect for a quick dose of moisture throughout the day – plus it sinks in super fast making it the perfect beside-the-sink buddy.

Now the soap, the soap I really like. When the Calgon folks say gentle cleansing on the label they mean it – this hand soap isn’t stripping or drying at all so it’s very well suited for in the bathroom or the kitchen. Well, anywhere you use hand soap really. I can’t say anything bad at all about the soap, it’s just lovely and even forms up a satisfying lather in the hands, which is always nice.

While this product didn’t exactly take me away to a foreign destination or remind me of somewhere with much nicer weather than Halifax I have definitely been enjoying it – and I can definitely say I prefer it to other similarly priced (and some more expensive) soaps and hand lotions.

Have you tried any Calgon products? Let me know what I should try next in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Review: Calgon Take Me Away Peppermint Marshmallow Hand Soap and Lotion Duo

  1. Hmm.. I like the sound of that soap! I love trying out new scents, which is why I go crazy every time B&BW has a sale. Walmart sells Calgon, right? I’ll have to look out for it.

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