The Sunday Post: Lipstick February

Happy Sunday friends! I’m actually writing this on Saturday and we have the most beautiful snow coming down in Halifax right now. It’s light and fluffy and swirling down gently – it’s completely picturesque and Korra is loving watching it fall to the ground.

The past few weeks have been particularly snowy with lots of snow and ice storms coming through the Maritimes. The poor city doesn’t know what to do with itself covered in snow – it’s definitely not equipped to handle it like the prairies! I’ve actually been enjoying the snow (other than having to tromp through it to get to work) because it doesn’t get as cold here as I’m used to so I’m not completely miserable. I think I might actually like winter in Halifax, strange huh?

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that Natalie, Zoe and I are using a different lipstick every day this month in an attempt to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and use more of our products. It’s been really fun so far! I’m not sure if I will get the full 28 days of new lipsticks or not purely because I don’t often wear much makeup on the weekends, so it’ll likely be more like 20 days of lipstick. But anyway, if you want to follow along you can follow me on Instagram or look out for the hashtags #lipstickFebruary and #28daysoflipstick on Twitter and Instagram.

Would you be interested in a Lipstick February round up every week?


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