January 2015 Favourites

January 2015 Favourites

When I first started thinking of this post I didn’t think I had any favourites for this month. I really made sure to try different things throughout the month so there wasn’t something that immediately came to my mind. It took a bit of reflection, but I’ve remembered some bits that I really loved – mostly in the maintenance genre.

Andalou Naturals Clarifying Toner I really love the whole clarifying line from Andalou Naturals but this toner is definitely my favourite. It’s refreshing and slightly tingly and I really do notice a difference in my skin’s health after I use it. AKA – not as spotty. 😉

COLAB Volumizing Dry Shampoo I hadn’t realized that the COLAB line was coming to Canada until I found this in Marshall’s around mid-month. I nearly squealed with delight and instantly picked it up. This dry shampoo gives you hella volume, like holy smokes. It makes my flat hair look awesome (at least until I have to put a toque on…sigh). It also doesn’t leave a residue while leaving some grit for styling purposes. Is it weird if I want to collect all the scents to try out?

L’Oreal Paris Gentle Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover The cleansing balms I’ve been using have started to sting my eyes when I use them so this has replaced that for my eyemakeup removal purposes and it works surprisingly well. I don’t usually like traditional makeup removers but I do this one. It’s gentle but effective so what’s not to love? There’s also something really fun about shaking it up and seeing the solution mix together…

January 2015 Favourites

Pixi by Petra Silky Eye Pen I am so bummed that Target is leaving Canada in general but especially because it means that it is going to be so hard for me to replace my new favourite eyeliners. The Pixi Silky Eye Pen’s are gorgeous – silky and smooth as you’d expect from the name that sets and does not budge. You have enough time to be able to smudge it out before it sets to make a lovely smokey eye and it’s perfect for tight lining because it doesn’t transfer. I have the brown and plum colours and I just want them all.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust the formula on these needs a bit of work in my opinion – they crease without an eye primer really badly – but the pigmentation is on. point. This has been my absolute favourite swipe and go eye look this month. I love the redness but that it’s still a very wearable marsala-esque shade.

What were some of your favourite products last month?


5 thoughts on “January 2015 Favourites

  1. The COLAB dry shamp in the London scent is my favourite. It makes my hair smell nice, which is kinda a weird thing to scent…? Also, last time I checked, ASOS stocks Pixi! Not sure if they stock the eyeliners, but always worth checking out!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

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