Tub Time: Valentine’s Day Edition

This post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

This Tub Time is going to be a bit different – instead of posting about what I used in my last bath, I’m going to write about what I plan on using. Valentine’s Day isn’t that huge of a day in the Butler-Ames household – we usually stay in – but I like to do a bit of pampering as well, and I wanted to showcase some of my recent favourites in advance of the big day to inspire you to do some pampering as well!

Tub Time: Valentine's Day

Starting with the bath products…I was recently sent Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Solution in the lavender scent and guys guys guys these bath salts are so beautiful! I’m not usually that keen on bath salts (I want BUBBLES DARN IT) but this seriously made me almost fall asleep in the bath tub. These salts actually dissolve (which hasn’t happened in the past for me) and give such a beautiful lavender scent – and not the fake lavender scent that I initially thought either. It smells fresh and lemon-y at the same time in only the way real lavender does and it was just perfect, even without the bubbles.

Tub Time: Valentine's Day

But if you do want bubbles (cus duh, they’re awesome), try out Calgon’s Take Me Away Gift Set in Hawaiian Ginger. It doesn’t technically have bubble bath in it but I like to use body wash as bubble bath occasionally anyway. The body wash smells like summer in a bottle – somewhere along the mango + aloe scent spectrum. It’s refreshing and not too sweet which is perfect for my picky nose. And the formula is nice and hydrating too, which is so wonderful for cold winter nights.

The gift set also comes with a loofah (it’s so tiny and cute), body lotion and a body mist in the same scent. I’m not usually one to enjoy using body mist, but this scent is really refreshing and light. It doesn’t linger for a long time but it still makes me feel quite lovely regardless. (Which is really the point, isn’t it?) The body lotion is light, but nourishing, and smells just like its body wash counterpart.

If the Hawaiian Ginger scent isn’t your thang but you still want to smell real nice, give Body Fantasies Signature’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray. This scent isn’t my fave – it’s too floral for me – but I can definitely see why others would like it, especially if you really enjoy floral scents! Plus it’s the perfect size to toss in your bag for on-the-go spritzes. *thumbs up*

It’s not a true pamper sesh without a face mask and I have been really smitten with LUSH’s Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask recently. This is a refreshing blueberry mask that aims to calm down your skin and although it’s a little drying it really does help my skin from being so angry. The last time I used it I had one of those really angry spots that hadn’t come to a head that just hurt whenever I moved my face. I slapped this on one night and when I took it off the spot didn’t hurt any more. Whaaaaaaaaaa. I could’ve hugged it. If it wasn’t, y’know, a face mask.

While that mask is working it’s magic, don’t forget the lips. Mine are so dry from the winter nastiness outside but Lypsyl’s Lip Balm in Aloha have given them some life again. I’ve been loving this lip balm so much that it has become my constant pocket body. It goes everywhere with me. It’s in my jeans when I go to work, it’s beside the couch when I get home, I even put it on my night stand when I go to bed. It’s kind of ridiculous, actually, but that’s how much I am enjoying it. It smells like summer, for one thing, which is what I’m longing for at the moment. (I just wrote that as I glared at the snow blowing outside.) As a bonus it really does add a nice hit of moisture to your lips – nothing outrageous or mind blowing, but perfect for on the go top ups.

If you need something a little more heavy duty (and don’t mind petroleum based lip products), I’ve also been liking Lypsyl’s Tea Tree Lip Balm. It comes in one of those squeezey tubes, which makes it less portable than it’s twist up kin for my uses, but the formula is still nice. I’m not a fan of the tea tree aspect – it makes the lip balm tingly in that peppermint-y sort of way and when I’m trying to get hydration into my lips that isn’t something I want, but in a different flavour this would be a great lip balm for parched lips.

Now last but certainly not least, your fingers and toes need a bit of TLC too. I’ve been off painting my nails for a few months (my nails have been peeling, urgh), but it is time to hop back onto the band wagon and I have found nail polish that doesn’t chip instantly on me! I mean, when even gel hybrids chip I thought I was doomed to two day manicures. But the new Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color formula (featured here in 457E She Sells, 474C Nuclear War and 476E Red Red) doesn’t chip on my nails!! It lasts for four whole days before I have to take it off – and this is with a very hands-on job. I’m seriously gleeful. I think I’m going to have to collect more of the shades. (And at Wet n Wild prices I can certainly do that!) Is there anything Wet n Wild can’t do well? It’s starting to become my favourite all around makeup brand.

Tub Time: Valentine's Day

As for the actual shades…474C Nuclear War is a perfect true orange that is begging to be used in nail art. I am actually trying to dream something up to use it in (even though I am seriously nail art inept) because it’s so pretty. My favourite of the trio,  476E Red Red is a beautiful bright red is actually my new favourite nail polish. It instantly brightened up my hands and it just looks so cheerful! I haven’t put 457E She Sells on my nails yet but this looks like a pink I might actually wear – it isn’t too in your face and has a bit of a neutral feel to it, so I’m actually almost looking forward to wearing it. (Almost – because pink and I have an on-again off-again relationship.)

Well that was certainly a busy Tub Time, wasn’t it? I hope you’ve stuck with me because there is some serious pampering to be done this Valentine’s Day (and don’t forget the candy!) and this is what’s on my menu.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?


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