The Sunday Post #11

hello march(source: Huff Post Canada Style)

Well it has been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Post! I don’t know where February went but now it’s March and it’s been a month since I’ve chatted with you all.

February has been the month of snow here in Halifax – I think we got something crazy like over 50 cm. Needless to say it’s been very unpleasant and I have been so enjoying the warmth the past two days. The sun is finally out and it’s starting to feel a bit like spring and I’m so happy!

I’m also about to submit my application into Dalhousie University for the Bachelor of Environmental design (due tomorrow) and I’m super crazy nervous that I won’t get in. Uncertainties suck, man. But I’m also really optimistic at the same time? I dunno, my brain has been on a weird rollercoaster with it the past few weeks.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been slowly cutting back on the number of posts I’ve been putting up this month and it’s a trend that’s going to continue into March as well. I’ve been using the blog to procrastinate on things I actually have to get done – like the Dal application and working on the online Biology course I’m registered in – and I need to do something to force myself to do them. (Or at least the Bio, now that the application is done.) I am hoping to be very active on my Instagram, though – Lipstick February has really made me love Instagram and it’s so easy to do a quick post, so hopefully that will make up for anything lacking in the blog department.



11 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #11

  1. I definitely understand the feeling of using the blog to procrastinate! I just did my first post all weekend and it was weird to go that long without blogging but also good. I’m glad you’ll still be around instagram and yay lipstick february 🙂 Good luck no your application, super proud of you for taking the leap and doing it!

    • Aw thanks, hun ❤ The deadline really snuck up on me so the past week has been full of panic/stress rushing haha. But it's all done now and just needs to be printed and handed in!

      I feel like I haven't really written a post in weeks and it feels so weird! I was planning on going on a post-writing binge this weekend to get ahead for March but it just hasn't happened. It's been too nice out, I've needed to take advantage of it!

  2. ooooo yay good luck with the application and I’m sure you will get in!!! thats such an exciting step in your life 🙂 and yay for warmer weather..only a couple more months to get through haha.

    xx Amber

  3. I totally use my blog to procrastinate too… usually house work. and then I take time off the blog to do it and feel guilty because I’m not blogging… but I know that’s just silly. Good luck on your application! That sounds so exciting!!

    • Ahh I know exactly that feeling! When I’m not blogging I feel like I should be blogging and when I’m blogging I feel like I should be doing something else. I can’t win!

      Thank you so much Rebekah! I am so nervous/excited.

  4. Oh man, I looked up the photos of the snow situation on the East Coast a few weeks back and I’ve never seen so much snow in my life.
    Fingers crossed for your acceptance!!

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